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yes {{ cincinnati dayton child photographer }}

wanna know what a preemie looks like 6 months later?  surely you remember teensy little baby in a bowl ayla huh?  she’s impressively and adorably chunky now and almost seems to have the makings to become a yoga teacher.and these are her very cool brothers noah and ethan.someone mentioned after this pic was released that…

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what do you say about a 26 year old like bridget beatty? well, six months ago, you might say how gorgeous she is… how her energy for life is such a breath of fresh air…  what an infectious smile she has…   personally i would say “there’s something about that girl that i love/we are gonna be good friends one…

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checking in to count my blessings.  just so you know, things are going great, and i’m so thankful and appreciative for all the support i continue to receive from my clients {past, present and future}.  for those of you that follow me, secretly or openly, you mean a lot.  your compliments motivate and inspire me.  i’ve…

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the photographer becomes the subject

i hope you are not sick of vegas yet!  i’m just excited to get to play client for once… I got my pics in the mail yesterday from Todd at yay!  brian and i had a shoot to ourselves for the first time since, well probably ever.  we have some formals from our wedding…

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most of you know that we have two girls, but we also have a little boy… kinda   meet mekhi, my baby from another mother if you will.    while were were in vegas, we took him out to red rock for the first time.  our godson is just adorable, but when a kid has an awesome personality…

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