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and a baby for the beattys… {{ cincinnati dayton adoption portfolio photographer beloved movement photographer }}

do you recognize this face?    it’s been a while…  she was busy kicking breast cancer’s @$$.  here’s her last post on the blog. and the next chapter in her journey, which i’m honored to document, is adoption.  with all that cancer business behind her, she and tim are ready to start their family, and…

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Bradley, party of five {{cincinnati dayton family photographer }}

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  today we all get time to reflect on our blessings of family, health, freedom, and absurdly abundant food.  i’ve been super busy shooting like a mad woman thru’ october and november.  this was one of my last shoots before i ran away to the mountains with my BDs for a break.   how thankful must Ellen…

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a mama and her boys

the three men in holly’s life did well this mother’s day by surprising her with a BD giftcard {yes, i’m that behind on blogging.  what’s new?}   this means i got to spend more time with a family i love, and be part of a great gift, freezing this stage in holly’s life for her w irreplaceable images. …

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sweet sun, sour limes and a pinch of everything happy

i’m overboard w pics on this post.  i can’t help myself- so i will keep it short with the words.  suffice it to say that i’m in love with the images-  pretty much what i would sum up the future of my brand with if needed.  these boys, baby evie, the family unit, sweet clare & matt, the scrumptious english accent that comes…

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