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It’s not your typical photo shoot. as a couple, it’s more a really special date. you two exploring your relationship, talking, thinking, feeling, and honoring your connection. rejuvenating the bond that you have with your favorite person after days or years of normal, tiring daily responsibilities that cloud your perception of what’s really important. I prompt you to talk or think about certain things, and snap away as you laugh, think, cry, and remember why you love the person you’re standing next to. i’ll also prompt you to participate in little games or gestures. i’ll help you look your best, but not ask you to smile or make certain faces. your emotions are authentic, because you are actually experiencing something.  your session involves fun interactions with your partner to remember that chemistry… that glow… that powerful love that was once the most distracting obsession of your day.  It’s still there but sometimes it’s buried under to-do-lists, full calendars, worries about money and those two times you had to be the one take out the trash in the snow.

i’m starting to incorporate the principles into your family and friend sessions too. here are two amazing and wonderful things that come from a LOVE EXPERIENCE session:

1}you’ll have an awesome hour with the people/person you love, remembering why you love them, and rejuvenating your relationship.

2}When you look at the pictures at home, you’ll remember the feelings you had during the session, and experience your time together over and over again.

“Thank you so much Bridgette!! This was such an amazing day full of fun laughter and tears. What an experience. After kids, jobs, busy life, etc. it’s easy for you and your mate to get lost somewhere in all that..this special day brought us back to US and why we fell in love and everything that we have accomplished in the past ten years. I think every couple deserves this experience!! Thank u Bridgette! xoxo”please reach out early if you are ready to commit to an hour of diving deep into your relationship and recording the awesome memories.  it takes bravery and rawness on your part, but the end result is worth more than a thousand words.

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