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    A little about my biz, so you can start stalking ahead of the game:

    It's called BDphotography not only because it rhymes (tho' i am a Suess fan) or because those are my initials, but because they are also the initials of my husband, our two daughters and our son. without them, i'm nothing. they are the reason i do things the way i do. i LOVE photography and everything that comes with it. if i had the leisure i think i might just do it for free. in my head, that's just what i do. you don't pay for my service, you pay for the time i spend away from my family: planning, traveling, shooting, editing...

    But welcome to the {B}log! stop by often and you can keep up with my most recent adventures in photography, meet my amazing clients, and occasionally take a glimpse into my personal life, because what proud mama can resist a little bragging? i'm sure your family is just as fabulous as mine and the ones you will see here. i bet you actually prefer them to us, but you are biased :) either way, i can't wait to meet them! for now...kick off your shoes, have some more brownies, browse around, and make some silly faces. no one can see, but it's great practice for when i get my lens on you.

    { Bridgette Davis }

boy oh boy…ohboyohboyohboy {{ cincinnati dayton family child boy photography }}

i kinda felt bad that there was so much girly awesomeness on the blog, because boys are just as precious.  and i kinda felt bad that it took me, oh just under a year to get to posting this session, because jill’s boys are so handsome and fun and share worthy.  but, in my defense, i was really busy getting ready to have a baby when we shot these.

do you forgive me jill?  it takes me almost as long to blog as it takes you to return texts!  :)  see what i did there, shifting the guilt to you?  i can’t imagine that you have your hands full or anything…

presenting the giles 5.  count em, five.  boys.  ”five boys?!” {i’m guessing that’s the raised eyebrow rhetorical question jill hears, oh}if you are wondering how to get 5 boys to sit still for pictures, the answer is:  you don’t.  :)  but if you really want to try these things are helpful

a} one island they can’t escape from

b} one very hilarious mama

c} one dramatic dance to a sir mix a lot song that will remain unnamed.  is there more than one sir mix a lot song??

am i the only one impressed by the variety in this gang?  they have a blonde, a straight haired, a curly…  for having one boy after another, they aren’t lacking in uniqueness.  how fun.and this is baby Davis Giles.  i like to think she named him after me.  technically she didn’t know i existed until after he was born… but even if she had, there’s a chance that even considering all my flaws she may not have crossed that off her list and still named him Davis because it’s such a great name.  that’s pretty much the same thing.   handsome brood of young men you have there jill.  thanks for sharing them, and for your expertise.  i’ve put you at the top of my list to call in case of boy emergencies around here.   it’s all new to me, but i have a hunch that anything Bronx can cook up to raise my blood pressure will be old hat to you.  looking forward to our next session, and seeing how much my namesake has grown:)

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Kristen - Ummm….the picture of all 5 just made me want to have 5 boys. so stinkin’ cute!

“little girls, like butterflies, need no excuse” {{ cincinnati dayton mother daughter photographer }}

i suppose this would make the sweetest of mother’s day posts, but alas that’s much too long to wait.  i have to share these warm fuzzies now:)

gina lost her own mama before she was a grown woman.  she has two very handsome boys, and now this beautiful little girl that she prayed so hard for.  i can only imagine that as she wished and hoped and prayed for a baby girl and her own sweet mother-daughter moments, her dreams may have looked something like this… a field, warm morning sun and the sweetest game of dress up that has ever come to beshe was so kind as to indulge my Anthropologie obsession:)just as my own Brooklynne says, when swindling her way into a large chocolate bar or an extra hour before bed, “No one can resist the puppy dog eyes.”  seems ayla has found her own spellbinding look:) very puss-in-boots my dear!happy 2nd birthday sweet ayla J.  and many more…

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Clare - Absolutely beautiful pictures, oh my, just so gorgeous. Gina will cherish these forever! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

julie - These are great!!!!

Ashley Embleton - AMAZING pictures! I love this look!!! Could it be recreated in Ashley-Ainsley, first birthday picture style!?!?

Bridgette - Absolutely! Let’s do it :)

Dimensions and Colors in Life - I wish I could have my little girl photoed by you someday. It’s just that I’m too far away from you. (crying ~~T.T)

Sarah - Wow gorgeous work! You are so gifted <3 !!

Hadley and her peeps {{ cincinnati dayton easter photography }}

“i want to be the kind of mom you are”

it came out of nowhere and

i’m quite confident that i’ve never received a higher compliment.

of course i have to push back and tell you that i was letting my kids have cereal for dinner as i received that text.  but then maybe that illustrates her point?  i’m not sure what kind of mom heather thinks i am, but i can tell you what i think.  i’m quite imperfect, and light years from the organized mother of the year type.  not what i would consider a role model, which by the way feels like a lot of pressure and undeserved admiration.  but it did make me stop and think.  the things that impress me most when i watch heather with hadley, are the things that i do purposefully strive to be as a mom.

i try to let my girls get messy and enjoy the smiles that come from eating half a pack of peeps in a white dress before a proper lunch.

i try to do lots of fun new things and make memories and take lots of pictures so that they and i have a hope of actually remembering them in spite of our pathetic short and long term memories.

i try to teach them to give love, and just as importantly, to receive love.

i try to be sarcastic with them because frankly, a child with a sense of humor is just so much cooler than a child without.

i try to remind them that there’s nothing they can ever do to make me stop loving them.

and, i try to remind myself not to sweat the small stuff, and that it’s all teeny tiny stuff.

{{both of those last two i learned as a child from my own amazing mama by the way}}

heather is the taller of the two gorgeous blondes you see below, and apparently, one of my biggest fans.  i hope she knows that the feeling is mutual.

at her age, a first time mom could easily fall prey to the judgment of other mamas, or worse, join them.  how dare someone choose luvs over pampers or let a child that walks have a binky?but heather seems to realize already that her energy is better spent trying to steal kisses from the amazing independent woman she is molding.and instead of wishing Hadley would hurry up and hit the next milestone on a baby tracker calendar, Heather seems to actually grasp the reality that people always warn you of {even when long teething nights make hard it believe}.  they grow up so fast!  you will blink and she will be driving to the prom.we set our priorities and values and have bold confidence that we are doing the best we know how by our babies.  and then we respect that everyone else is doing the exact same thing, even when it looks different.Heather, i just want to thank you for encouraging me, and tell you

i’m so proud of you.  i want to be the kind of mama you are.

you are an amazing mother and i hope we continue to have each other to lean on as we grow these little new and improved 2.0 versions of ourselves.
and by the way, if you are a mama reading this, you should know,

you are doing it right. and you are doing a darn fine job of it

even {maybe especially} if it looks different than us.

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julie - Beautifully said and beautifully done. What amazing pictures!!!!

bridgette's mama - ok you made me cry :) thanks for recognizing me and all the other moms out there who love their babies just as fiercly as we do and parent imperfectly on ; realizing that making memories is rarely picture perfect & by thinking for yourself instead of following every ‘traditional’ wisdom, you model for your children one of life’s most important skills!… i love you and your gift for making all our memory pictures perfect!

one upper {{ cincinnati dayton up theme photographer }}

ben is one.  that was a quick year!  i expected a fabulous session for his birthday, considering the smiles and magic he gave me last year, at just days old

his mama said she would love some props and theme, so we settled on a very gentlemanly UP.  we were inspired by the Carl character, both young and elderly versions.  the weather was so perfect for the start of february in ohio, decent temperature and cool fog that burned off right when we wanted a different feel.  ben of course was the most perfect part, and we all had a blast hanging out and celebrating his quick first year. 


-5-12-6-1-1-3-4-2-5-2-6 -10

mallary & kurt, thank you for choosing me again.  it’s such a joy to watch my {BD} babies grow and document the changes.  he is so handsome and absolutely charming, not that i need to convince the two of you.  happy birthday sweet ben!

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Mallary Sheldon - Thank you so much Bridgette! As usual, you went above and beyond our expectations!! We love working with you and will without a doubt continue to do so :)

Lisa Minera - Bridgette, you did an amazing and creative job and you were blessed with a beautiful little man to photograph! Love the great pics of my amazing little grandson! Thank you!

Bridgette - thanks guys! lisa-spoken like a true grandparent. yes, you are right, i was blessed by him. truly, my pleasure :)

Dimensions and Colors in Life - Oh my! This is too cute! Love your phots. (heart)

my pot of gold {{ cincinnati dayton child photography }}

my yearly sessions with the girls usually give me a push to try a theme.  i really racked my brain for this one.  then hours of searching the internet for inspiration left me with a big melting pot of mess.  i could do rainbow…rainbow brite…rainbow brite on the moon…rainbow brite on the moon, but vintage and bokeh.  omg.  it was like stubbing my toe and then WebMD convincing me that i have Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, which will tragically be misdiagnosed as gaut. 

enough google and pinterest.  i loaded up the car with every color of the rainbow i could collect from a mad dash around the house and picked up my baby girl while memaw stole the other two away for ice cream.  brook what do you want to do for your photoshoot?


“how ’bout a kite?  mama can i please get a kite?”


a) i’m an idiot. she’s a genius

b) she gets what she wants when she calls me mama. and she knows this



turned out we pretty much burned up all our daylight and unseasonably gorgeous weather that january day, running thru target and pushing past sleds and snow shovels to find a kite.  {“a kite??  i’m not sure we have those out yet, but you could try G16″} 

as we left the store the sky turned grey and the wind went crazy.  we decided to have a “kite date today and photoshoot tmrw”.  we ran and froze and laughed and felt pretty much like kite professionals {is there such a thing?}.  it was probably our first date alone since bubba changed her from little sister to big sister 6 months ago.  she was genuinely filled with joy and gratitude that i was playing with her and had spent $8 on the most incredible kite in the world.  it was priceless. 

as we walked back to the car out of breath i said “wow, turned out to be perfect wind for a kite bitty”

and she says “i know right?!” {which is my favorite of all things she says these days,except what followed…} ”perfect wind, perfect kite, perfect date, perfect mama”.   -6the next day came with some surprising warmth and sunshine again-2-2my funny girl insisted that since her feet could fit in my heels she should wear them, just like she believes that all my short homecoming and cocktail dresses are made to be ball gowns just her size:)-15-1-2she kinda has the biggest most expressive eyes ever.  they are gorgeous and sure to get her in and out of a lot of trouble.-3-1she made a masterpiece and signed it in “check” {self taught cursive, just like you use to sign your checks}-7and then she wrote me this note.  “thank you for what bitty?”-8“for doin’ my pitchurs!”  wow… this session was like pulling teeth.  what a difference a year makes-9-3-2-10she painted her own toes,-11admired her handiwork,-4-2and negotiated a little craft services from the prop department-13-12-5-2-6-2

my sweet tooth, rainbow sunshine girl.

“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” -James M Barrie

indeed.  happy 8th birthday Solana.   {XOXO mama}

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Kristen Menhart - OMG! How I love this post! Not sure what I love more…your adorable kids, your amazing words, or your awesome photography. I hope my girl loves me & thinks I’m as cool as your girls do when she’s a “big” girl.