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  • You found me! I’m so glad…

    A little about my biz, so you can start stalking ahead of the game:

    It's called BDphotography not only because it rhymes (tho' i am a Suess fan) or because those are my initials, but because they are also the initials of my husband, our two daughters and our son. without them, i'm nothing. they are the reason i do things the way i do. i LOVE photography and everything that comes with it. if i had the leisure i think i might just do it for free. in my head, that's just what i do. you don't pay for my service, you pay for the time i spend away from my family: planning, traveling, shooting, editing...

    But welcome to the {B}log! stop by often and you can keep up with my most recent adventures in photography, meet my amazing clients, and occasionally take a glimpse into my personal life, because what proud mama can resist a little bragging? i'm sure your family is just as fabulous as mine and the ones you will see here. i bet you actually prefer them to us, but you are biased :) either way, i can't wait to meet them! for now...kick off your shoes, have some more brownies, browse around, and make some silly faces. no one can see, but it's great practice for when i get my lens on you.

    { Bridgette Davis }

…and babies make four :)

forget oldest child syndrome and all that first-born stuff.  some families jump right from mr. and mrs. to “table for four please” -1

will & wyatt.  can i keep em?-1

i always wanted twins so i fully expected to be jealous of her double blessing, but actually, you can’t feel anything but admiration for a new mama with her hands this full!i

still 5 weeks from their due date!  i’d say that makes ‘em not only my youngest twins, but my youngest clients ever.

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Denise - Absolutely amazing, as always. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!

Sarah - Best photographer EVER! I have had Bridgette do 5 shoots with my little girl and every photo is amazing. Would recommend her to anyone! Looking forward to many more!

SisnamedJen - Oh my goodness. They are exquisite.

Erika - BD-your talent continues to shine and grow, love your website, and thanks for sharing your gifts with the rest of us.

Susan - Bridgette,
God has truly blessed you with a talent. I could not have been more pleased with the pictures you have put on your blog of Molly. I can’t wait to receive the cd’s. Your are AMAZING!!! Thanks so much. Susan