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    A little about my biz, so you can start stalking ahead of the game:

    It's called BDphotography not only because it rhymes (tho' i am a Suess fan) or because those are my initials, but because they are also the initials of my husband, our two daughters and our son. without them, i'm nothing. they are the reason i do things the way i do. i LOVE photography and everything that comes with it. if i had the leisure i think i might just do it for free. in my head, that's just what i do. you don't pay for my service, you pay for the time i spend away from my family: planning, traveling, shooting, editing...

    But welcome to the {B}log! stop by often and you can keep up with my most recent adventures in photography, meet my amazing clients, and occasionally take a glimpse into my personal life, because what proud mama can resist a little bragging? i'm sure your family is just as fabulous as mine and the ones you will see here. i bet you actually prefer them to us, but you are biased :) either way, i can't wait to meet them! for now...kick off your shoes, have some more brownies, browse around, and make some silly faces. no one can see, but it's great practice for when i get my lens on you.

    { Bridgette Davis }

peanut benjamin {{ cincinnati dayton preemie newborn photographer }}

Benjamin surprised everyone by showing up early.  no worries tho, he is healthy, ADORABLE, teensy and full of smiles.  i had so much fun with this 5 lb nugget!


-9-8-11-5-2-7:)i don’t do a lot of open eyed pics with my newbies.  they have such a hard time focusing but i couldn’t resist this awesome expression.-4-2-5-3-2-4-3-1-2-10


ben was so good to us.  and by us i mean me and his mama.  he gave daddy a hard time, especially when we took off his diaper and he got very comfortable hovering over daddy’s head.  i will let you imagine why he is smiling in that pic… and why mallary and i were literally on the floor laughing!  hilarious impeccable timing for a mess.  kurt gets the award for my most good natured, cooperative dad ever.  who else could keep a smile on his face and keep the baby safely balanced long enough for us to gain our composure and take the baby for cleanup? 

i had so much fun with you guys and i just wanna eat that sweet pea up.  hope you are enjoying his sweet first month as it flies by. thanks for choosing me!

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Julie - These pictures are so amazing! Every single one made my smile bigger and bigger. =) I can’t wait to hear about your bundle of joy and the pictures to follow. Hope your doing well!

Mallary - Thank you so much for these pictures! I continue to share with everyone, not only to show off my pride and joy, but your AMAZING talent! I have recommended you to tons and have heard of friends and family who are recommending you as well just from these pictures. We will continue to use you for all of his milestones!

Bridgette - Thanks guys! Mallary and Julie, you both were a joy to work with and I just loved our sessions. I appreciate the support and following more than you know. I have a new focus of creating an excellent experience, not just a shoot, and then happening to get great images out of the experience. It’s so important to me that you enjoy your time with me as much as you enjoy the pics. Thanks for confirming this philosophy!

one upper {{ cincinnati dayton up theme photographer }} » I Want {BD Photography} - [...] ben is one.  that was a quick year!  i expected a fabulous session for his birthday, considering the smiles and magic he gave me last year, at just days old.  [...]

dear mama, i’m not your baby anymore {{ dayton cincinnati pre tween photographer }}

about six months ago, my dollface pumpkin bitty brooklynne had a serious thing on her heart that she needed to share. 

sensitively trying to hold back a smile she says to me, “mama, i’m not your baby anymore.”  maybe to her, losing top teeth was the deadline.  i’m not sure where it came from but i wasn’t having it. 

“what do you mean you aren’t my baby anymore?  you promised you would ALWAYS ALWAYS be my baby,” i replied, followed by my guilt inducing puppy dog face {which i learned from her}.

“ok mama, i’m kind of your baby… but i’m big now.  no, i can’t be your baby.” 

i responded with funny melodramatic fake crying which of course was my comedic cover up for mixed emotions, ranging from pride that my girl is so smart and grown to sincere heartbreak that she didn’t want to be the baby.  i wasn’t having more babies. and besides, a deal is a deal:) we went back and forth, with her giving in to be my baby, then taking it back as her sensitive heart got to her…giving in again as she saw she could use it to bribe me {i’ll be your baby if i can have another cookie} to finally deciding that independence tasted even better.

in curious retrospect, i wonder if this moment was God preparing my heart for our suprise baby to be.  or maybe this moment was the motivation for my ovaries to spring into action and fight past our birth control that had worked for 7 years.  either way, she AND briella will always be my babies, whether they embrace it or not.  of course a mama is happy that her girls are healthy and confident, and to be needed all over again by a new baby on the way helps ease the sting.  now let us all pray for the new baby who will be smothered by me AND it’s two shorter mom/sisters who are exuding maternal instinct and excitement from their pores as we speak.  poor child may never learn to walk.


for now, let me brag shamelessly on my 7 year old.  as you may or may not be aware, my girls got burned out on having the camera in their faces pretty quickly.  as i went pro, they became pro at dodging my lens no matter how sly i thought i was.  in the case that i was relentless {for example, i HAVE to at LEAST do their birthday shoots} they became expert negotiators.  negotiations for the following shoot lasted 5 weeks.  so to be precise, here is my 7.1 year old. -4-2funny how her usual whine of “stop takin my pitchurrrr” turned into a hambone’s “what about this pose?!  hey mom look at this…”  hollywood vogue-ing ensued.  i was pleasantly shocked and clicked away before it passed. seven is full of unapologetic vigor.  unjaded confidence.-1-2-11

brooklynne is my sensitive thinker.  it’s like i can actual see the wheels in her head turning sometimes.-2-2-16

she is part tae-kwon-do super hero, part girly girl.  sugar and spice as they say.

ask and she will tell boldly educate you, “tae-kwon-do means the way of the hand and the foot”.  she says so in THE cutest lispy voice that has ever uttered those words. ever. i check my facts on the internet. 

she also will complain about the silly no hat rule at school and say, “but i’m a fashion guhll” in the way that those who can’t quite pronounce R’s say ‘girl’.


my heart jumped when this one ↑ came onto my editing screen.  how old is she??!  i think she looks just like me!  {please don’t shoot my self-esteem w contrary opinions here.  i know she favors daddy but if i can dream of being a fraction this beautiful it’s gonna be a good weekend} what? {seriously guys, she has my eyes and none of you can take that away from me!}


mmm hmmm.  this is what teeth look like when you are seven.  and proud!  can you keep that healthy self image please?  thanks.-7-2

-14sweet pea grin.  you can’t fool me.  you’re not all the way grown up yet.


how about we tone it down a bit so i can be sure you are still my baby little little girl.  insert innocent playtime with american girl doll.



she IS the self-proclaimed “funny one in the fam-i-leee” so let’s hope she doesn’t lose her sense of humor about this next one at her wedding slideshow.-12


model time ↑


 i don’t like this hat or hair and i’m done time ↓


↓ mama’s favorite ↓


↓ daddy’s favorite ↓


↓ sister’s favorite ↓


and brooklynne’s favorite ↓.  this was actually a strict part of her negotiation.  she spent half the shoot asking, “now can i do the pic of me and juliet’s feet??”  hilarious.  someone seems to have picked up on the newborn+family foot shot trend.  color me proud. -13

thanks for letting me be THAT annoying mom who thinks her kids are the greatest today.  i will return to my regularly scheduled obsession over how adorable yours are with the next post.  have a fabulous weekend!!

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Sheila - Are you kidding me with these pics?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! LOVE!!! I have now been motivated to grab Aubrey and my camera and MAKE her pose for me.

Auntie Jen - LOVE LOVE LOVE HER AND YOU!!! Just in case you weren’t sure :)

Julie - These are the sweetest pictures I’ve ever seen! Every time I’m on here I just get more and more blown away about how you capture the best images and moments. Her personality just jumps right out of the photos! What a beautiful “little girl” =)

mom - WoW! once again i can’t decide which i enjoy more, the totally amazing photos or the absolutely lovely images you create by the way you write when you share them; which if possible makes them even more are both beautiful.. body & soul! I love you!

Liz - I love her and I don’t even know her, lol! Little Miss Personality! Lovely shoot!

» I Want {BD Photography} - [...] “thank you for what bitty?”“for doin’ my pitchurs!”  wow… this session was like pulling teeth.  what a difference a year makesshe painted her own toes,admired her [...]

2011 pricing and availability update

we are nearly a quarter of the way thru’ 2011?  how did this happen?:)  with all the distraction of morning sickness and then a flood of winter shoots, i haven’t updated my website with the new year pricing until now {lucky for all you who slid in at the 2010 pricing}.  going forward my all inclusive session+cd rate is $400 total.  i’m an artist not a business woman so i always find this part to be a tricky balance but i want to do it right so i can continue this journey i love for a long time!  i’m confident that you will still find my price fair and extremely competitive next to comparable work, and the number of images i give generous if not over the top {give the people what they want!} also new for 2011, your cd will have all images in color, with another copy of each file in black & white. 

IF you are doing a shoot within 6 months of your last shoot, you can enjoy a $50 loyalty discount so your next session will be $350.  also, if you have already sent your $150 deposit in for a future shoot, you locked in the $300 rate, so no worries about bait and switch. 

speaking of future shoots, i am quickly filling up the book, with dates already being reserved in june and july.  i still have sessions available for march, april and may but my availability will be very limited in the summer as i near my due date.  i can only accept a few appointments as my family obligations will be priority.  if you need a june or july session, please contact me quickly so you can snatch up one of the remaining slots.  i love all my clients and don’t want to miss out on any of your special celebrations, or miss my newbies turning 6 months, etc.  we created some awesome images together through these cold winter months and i am SO excited about getting out in the sun for warm shoots!

i have lots of shoots to post and share with you guys and i can’t wait.  as always, i’m so grateful for your support and the superbly generous compliments and feedback i receive.  it’s such a blessing for me to watch you share your images on facebook and then see the flood of excitement and joy your friends and family send your way.  it’s a lot of fun seeing which ones they choose as their favorites, and why.  kudos to you for taking the time to make your family memories a priority.  the idea of setting up “family pictures” or any session can initially seem to have stress attached to it, but it’s my priority to make the process as painless as possible.  it always turns out that we have a lot of fun and laughs and the pics are  beyond worth any inconvenience that manages to sneak in along the way.  thanks for being part of it all!

p.s. 17 days until we know if the newest BD baby is a boy or girl!!!!!!

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Sarah - Hey Bridgette! I’m looking to do Meadow’s pics the end of September or early October.. do you think you will be available? If not, can you refer me to someone? Can’t wait to find out what your having!

{bridgette} - you think i could give up my little valentine meadow?? no way! i will do her shoot no problem :)

Class of 2011 {{ college senior photography dayton cincinnati }}

when Jenni contacted me to say that her mom wanted to treat her to senior pics, i was ready to go.  when she said that she was actually a college senior, i was even more pumped.  remember the part where i said, “if you have an idea for a unique shoot that i haven’t listed, send me a line and let’s go”?  this is what i’m talking about! any excuse will do!  i’ve done high school freshman fotos and senior pics, but Jenni is my first college senior:) -5-2that’s not to say that she didn’t have traditional senior pics done in high school.  but she and her mom we less than impressed last time and wanted to try something a little less… studio this time around {which of course was music to my ears}


this of course meant that she was FREEZING {but you’d never know it huh?} and got to do guerrilla style wardrobe changes behind a blanket in the woods.  she even had a chance to sneak in a series of shots with her BF who was a very helpful assistant with all our crazy ideas.  awwwww.



-3-2i realized as i was editing who her “twin” is.  i love playing this game with people.  who do they look like, or better yet, who do they look like the love child of?  it’s THE BEST way to pass time in a long line at the airport or wal*mart.  but i digress.  jenni’s hit me hard with that shot above.  she could be a double for supermodel adriana lima.  *google image her at your own discretion and you’ll see what i mean*:)-3-2i continue to enjoy how photography makes my world bigger, and smaller at the same time.  i get to discover so many places and meet so many people and hear their stories.  big world.  jenni came to me after seeing some pics i had done for a classmate of hers from high school.  as we chatted during the shoot, it turns out that she was good friends with my younger brother years ago, and actually spent lots of time at my parents’ farm riding horses and passing time on warm summer days.  small world.-1-2-2-2

congrats to Jenni as she leaves Wright State University next week with an undergrad in gen business.  also, thanks to her for her service in the air force as an E5/SSgt.  good luck in your next adventure – whether defending our country, continuing your studies or stunt-doubling in a victoria’s secret promo:)

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Happy Birthday Dear Jovie! {{ cincinnati dayton one year cake smash photographer }}

Jovie had her birthday shoot scheduled months in advance.  We were so lucky to get a peek of the March sun and warmer temps to play in!


She gets so much lovin from her Mama and Auntie and DeDe.  I think it’s really beautiful and empowering to see all the girls together, three gorgeous generations.


i’d say one is old enough to rock the TTD trash the dress trend right?:)




and after all her hard modeling work she got to celebrate with her first birthday cake!



it’s all so delicious i think i might melt.  yummy light, yummy cake, baby pearls, baby blue eyes and baby chunk rolls.  i.can’


ok, my favorite candids??  swoon.  mama kissed icing off her Jovie girl-9

and Jovie girl kissed her back!:):):)-10

and then as we treaded back to the car, chilly and exhausted and i glanced over my shoulder and this was my view.  it’s like you can see how full Lauren’s heart is with her precious sleepy birthday girl snuggled in her arms.  it might be my favorite real moment capture ever. 


It was a pleasure working with you girls.  Thank you for making me pause my crazy week to appreciate that life is SO  incredibly beautiful.

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Lauren Powell - love. love. love! I am so thrilled to see these pictures! You are amazing, Bridgette! THANK YOU!! :)

Sarah - LOVE this family! I knew when I saw Jovie’s name it had to be Lauren’s little girl.. absolutely adorable. This shoot was so cute!!

Jamie Wyckoff | Julia's Poppies Design - these are adorable!!!!