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I’m in Cincinnati, Dayton and everywhere in between!  I shoot all natural light, no stuffy studio and very few props.  Together we will choose a beautiful outdoor location for your session.  For newborns, I make a special exception and shoot indoors because just like in real life, they don’t play by our rules, we play by theirs.

{Newborns}  I come to your place; everything you need is there!  You don’t have to get dressed and pack for every unpredictable scenario or drag your newbie out into the world yet.  Even if you’re not sure about the suitability of your home, trust me.  I’ll find the light and need very little space.  And please{!} don’t worry about your place being a wreck.  I’m a crazy mom with an insane schedule and no June Cleaver genes.  Chances are my house is messier than yours today, and I don’t have the perfect excuse of caring for a newborn on 2 hours of sleep.  We will talk about a few easy things that make these sessions successful, the least of which is shooting ASAP!  I like my newbies as fresh as possible, and would love to be one of your very first visitors.  **Newborns change rapidly and their essence is best captured before 9 days old**

{Maternity} If you are planning a newborn shoot, consider a maternity shoot too.  Not doing this is one of the biggest regrets I hear from new moms.  Love or loathe being pregnant now, you will eventually miss it.  It’s a very magical part of your child’s history too.  My daughters LOVE to look at the pics I had done while they were in my belly, they are fascinated by the wonder of it all.  And moms now have it made!  It’s not just white gowns and tulle anymore.  Hip mamas now are taking this time to celebrate with pictures in all different styles, from traditional to fashionable, and choosing to expose their belly or not.  Either way, we plan a flattering custom shoot just for you.

{Infants, Toddlers, Children, Families}  We will meet at a location of your choice, or I have some great suggestions if you need them.  You don’t have to fight with the kids to sit still, say cheese, or stop sticking out their tongue.  In fact that’s just what I want; to capture the real life them!  So let them run, I’m used to chasing, and even have a few tricks and bribes if I need them.  The best pictures are caught when you just show up and be real.  Seriously, when’s the last time you lined up in matching khakis and white turtlenecks anyway?

{Pre-tweens,Tweens, Teens, and High School Seniors}  Senior pictures should be a clear expression of who you are right now, so that’s what we will do.  I can take the reins if you need, but I’m very open to the artistic vision you probably have for the perfect senior pictures.  And, since you get them all digitally, you are free to share them on email, facebook etc, and can make really cool books and gifts online.  These sessions can also be great for younger teens that just want some spotlight, as a birthday gift, freshman fotos, or a sweet 16 celebration.  And it seems that even those of us with the best intentions slack off on pictures once our kids are school age.  You really want that horrible school headshot to be your only memory?  Kids ages 7-11 are bursting with personality, yet seem to be the least photographed.  Why not schedule a special shoot for them to really shine!

{Brides}  I love brides, so while I can’t get wedding work to mesh with my family life at this time, there are some other fun things I’d be honored to work with you on.  1}You can start off by announcing your engagement with awesome pictures that portray the love and excitement you two share.  2}Closer to your wedding date, sneak off with me to do a bridal boudoir session where I capture you in the most glamorous beautiful ways.  My brides love putting these images together as a special “for your eyes only” gift that can connect her with her groom as he gets ready on the big day.  3}As part of the bachelorette celebrations, some of my brides have planned fashion shoots with their friends.  These are a blast!  I love being one of the girls for a day, and capturing gorgeous images of you and your crew.  It’s all about you, but we can work in time for everyone to have an individual shot too, and oh my gosh do they love you for that!  4}For actual wedding day, I do offer the {Phunbooth} on a limited basis as part of your reception celebration.  It’s such a blast to have everyone involved and great to look back on when everything is said and done.  5} post wedding day?  if you are a daring contemporary bride, join the Trash The Dress trend!  This is the perfect excuse to put your amazing dress back on and record it’s fabulousness in a very untraditional setting.  Actual “trashing” can be to any degree that you are comfortable with.  Just save the dry cleaning until after our session and it should be as good as new.   6}If the “trash” term still scares you, we can plan a post-wedding fashion shoot with you, or you and your new husband.  This can be the day after, or as soon after the wedding as you are available.  Knowing that you get to wear your dress again, and that you will have a session devoted to just that, takes the pressure off squeezing a ton of pics into your packed wedding day schedule.

{Singles, Couples, Models, Pets and You}  Think of me as your personal photographer on demand.  If you have a photography need that doesn’t fit in the categories listed, I’d love to hear from you.  I’ve been commissioned to record all sorts of special moments in life…  family reunions, new puppies, modeling portfolios, book deals and the most miraculous of all, childbirth.  Send me a message and let me know about your unique project.

 {What’s it gonna cost me?}

…{why i decided to do it differently} Obviously you want to freeze time, be able look back at that six year old smile that’s changed, or remember how you blushed from your fiance’s whispers.  Who doesn’t want that stuff captured?  The real question is, how much?  Let me say, I’m a savvy (picky) consumer.  I want to know up front what I get and what it will cost me, I don’t want to be sold to.  And if we are being honest, I want it all!  Don’t have 50 awesome images of my kids and throw 47 away when I leave the studio because I can’t afford 50 packages of  50 poses. Ugh!

…{what i do} I’m a keep it simple kinda girl.  I wear t-shirts and jeans.  If i make dinner, we fill up on what’s in the pot, I don’t bother with sides:)  The most affordable way for you to get ALL your pics is for me to make you a CD, give you a release, and let you make prints for pennies online.  I have some great websites to refer you to for that, and while you are there you can get creative and make all sorts of books and gifts and goodies.  Plus with the cd, they are ready to share on email and facebook so spread the joy.  Right now my all inclusive price for planning, travel, session time, editing and high-res CD with at least 75 final finished images is a flat $500.  Say goodbye to emotional-impulsive-last-minute-a la carte-purchases, arguments on the drive home and buyer’s remorse all together.  *All cd’s now include your images in color, plus a copy of each file in black&white, approx 150 files total*

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