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my pot of gold {{ cincinnati dayton child photography }}

my yearly sessions with the girls usually give me a push to try a theme.  i really racked my brain for this one.  then hours of searching the internet for inspiration left me with a big melting pot of mess.  i could do rainbow…rainbow brite…rainbow brite on the moon…rainbow brite on the moon, but vintage…

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best decade of my life {{ cincinnati tween photographer dayton }}

i was going to post brooklynne’s birthday pics from last month…and then i realized i had yet to post briella’s birthday pics from last summer.  then i realized that it’s because i’ve been busy with a newborn…who will actually be celebrating his 1/2 birthday this weekend.  and if briella is nine, that means i’ve been…

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and a baby for the beattys… {{ cincinnati dayton adoption portfolio photographer beloved movement photographer }}

do you recognize this face?    it’s been a while…  she was busy kicking breast cancer’s @$$.  here’s her last post on the blog. and the next chapter in her journey, which i’m honored to document, is adoption.  with all that cancer business behind her, she and tim are ready to start their family, and…

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