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{Ph}ourth of July {Ph}unbooth {{ cincinnati dayton event photographer }}

we spent the holiday with a bunch of friends at the purple boulder farm in morrow.  it was the perfect opportunity to debut BDphotography’s newest offering- The Phunbooth PHUNBOOTH {fuhnbooth} -noun-, -verb-, phunboothed, phunboothing 1.something that provides mirth or amusement, whilst preserving precious memories  2.  a temporary structure guaranteed to spice up your party and…

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*hot mom series* Tara {{ west chester ohio modern photographer }}

so we’ve all seen that Dove commercial right?  the one where it fast forwards the appearance of a woman from beautiful single lady to a worn out used up mama in sweats and ponytail who doesn’t have the time or motivation to even wash her hair…  i feel like that’s what’s expected sometimes.  that to…

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