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what do you say about a 26 year old like bridget beatty? well, six months ago, you might say how gorgeous she is… how her energy for life is such a breath of fresh air…  what an infectious smile she has…   personally i would say “there’s something about that girl that i love/we are gonna be good friends one…

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wondering how custom photography is different from your mall photo studio experience? press play for a peek into a real BD session and see why i’m always sore the next morning!

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checking in to count my blessings.  just so you know, things are going great, and i’m so thankful and appreciative for all the support i continue to receive from my clients {past, present and future}.  for those of you that follow me, secretly or openly, you mean a lot.  your compliments motivate and inspire me.  i’ve…

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reising stars {{ cincinnati dayton family photographer }}

drumroll please?  the reising family wins the prize for “furthest traveled for a BD shoot”  kelly sent me a message from Sacramento, CA {i’m jealous!} a few months ago and said they were coming to see me… and while they were at it they were gonna see some family.  maybe that was the other way around,…

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