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tiny little love story {{ a preview }}

in other arranged marriage news… sarah and casie have been bff since middle school. they have matching haircuts, matching cars and now, matching babies if all their dreams come true, meadow and colin may some day get married for real. i spent a beautiful foggy morning at an abandoned amusement park capturing their young love….

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yes {{ cincinnati dayton child photographer }}

wanna know what a preemie looks like 6 months later?  surely you remember teensy little baby in a bowl ayla huh?  she’s impressively and adorably chunky now and almost seems to have the makings to become a yoga teacher.and these are her very cool brothers noah and ethan.someone mentioned after this pic was released that…

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Katie {{ cincinnati dayton senior photographer }}

i love that katie knew exactly what she wanted {a cinci background} and even took time to scout the locations herself {including a sentimental park where she has spent time with her family}.  i love that she is polite and beautiful and stylish and respectful; seems to have the perfect balance of maturity and innnocence…

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