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six years later

so i’ve heard of moms getting a little behind or even dreading the family picture thing, but seriously?! :)  it had been 6 years since their last family portrait!  isn’t little Rachel 7?  i’m so confused.  here they are:-3-4

if it had been that long, i’m guessing their last “me and you” images are probably from the wedding.  i always like to remind moms and dads that it was at one point just the two of them, and how special that is to remember.  shannon tried to convince me that she’s not photogenic, and also that she’d had the most tragic visit to the salon the day before.  i wasn’t buying it:)-1

i could share a bunch of these two playing.  their relationship reminds me very much of my own girls.  taylor has such pretty eyes and very cool braces which my girls covet:)  and i love how rachel’s little face bursts into a contagious smile.-2-4


-4-4and a nice traditional one for the christmas cards:)-5-4

i was excited to get the report that taylor is already shopping for accessories that she “HAS to buy” for her next photo shoot.  definitely a model in the making,  i called that when we were doing her closeups.  she’s gonna rock her senior pics so hard in a few years!

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