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a love a{f}fair

so this sweet little couple will soon be known as “The Alexander’s”:)i’m kinda fond of them.  maybe it’s their contagious honest affection for each other.  maybe it’s the fact that we got to play together at the fair the first day i met them.  maybe it’s the cool coincidence that they will wed at the same little church where my dads walked me down the aisle and gave me to the most amazing handsome man ever.  {yes, dads is supposed to be plural. i have a BIG family and lots of parents} ohhhh silly girl emotions, you have high-jacked me again!-3-10-1-2-2-4umm… this is THE cutest to me <3-5-6-7-8{fun behind the scenes tidbit} this no parking scene was interrupted by a little boy who came around the corner of the barn and yelled “ewwwwwwww, gross!!”  LOL we do what we can to embarrass the youth. oh, and am i the only one who i-spies a little heart in derek’s beard?  maybe i’m just drunk on their young love.-9-1

i seriously wish you guys the best.  keep on being easy to respect; it’s not a trait that’s all too abundant in our society.  derek, good luck with your ministry Live Past Life …i’m listening online as i post this. and michelle, keep me posted on that baby making;)

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