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the brock family {{ cincinnati dayton family photographer }}

nothing like a kid to make you realize how time flies.  i met the brock kids a while back and we did a fun energetic shoot in their backyard.  when their mom said she wanted some more pics this year, i realized i was gonna have to come up with something a little more grown up.  they are at that preteen stage where i’m never quite sure if they will appreciate or be offended by my general immaturity and silliness.  when we met {on the hottest morning of the year} last week, i was floored by how much they had changed.  im quite sure they could both be models, and you all know nothing makes my heart flutter like a sweet set of freckles.-2-1-2i often say how glad i am that my girls, being so close in age, both came out girls.  it just seemed to me that they have potential to be closer… sharing clothes and secrets and whatnot.  but then i look at these two and the secrets and unspoken language they share, and i think i probably assumed wrong.  to have a big brother to adore and a little sister to protect; that’s a special dynamic i hadn’t considered. it’s actually one that should last well into adulthood, without the threat of fights over boys…and clothes.:) -1-4-2-4-3↑ artist’s fave ↑-2-2-5

Amy, your two are growing so quickly.  Thanks for allowing me the honor of capturing the journey.  and yes, they well convinced me that they aren’t little kids anymore, but i’m was relieved to see that they would still be kind of silly with me.  after all, no {BD} shoot is complete without  a bit of uncontrollable laughter:)-3-2p.s. speaking of kids growing up too quickly, check out my own little pre-tweens…-1

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Amy Brock - Oh, Bridgette~ Amazing work! You are also a wonderful writer… I think I teared up a time or two! I love the pictures! The kids had a great time… heat and all! I can’t wait to see the rest. Loved seeing your two beautiful daughters~they look just like you. They are precious! Thank you for the incredible pictures that have warmed my heart… I will treasure them for a lifetime!

Amy xo

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