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mcguffey to-be {{ cincinnati dayton pregnancy photographer }}

i can’t tell you how bad i wanted to shoot a pregnant belly session when i drove by and spotted “Your Mama’s” drive thru!  of course it had to be the right mama, with an appreciation for my sarcasm.  seemed like i had to wait forever, but finally the call came and Heather was my girl.-6-9it’s really fun to watch a couple go from dating, to old married couple;)to expectant parents  full of excitement and anticipation.-5-8heather’s totally gonna be a {BD} hot mom huh?-4i’m kind of a big fan of the mcguffeys, more so each time i’m around them.  they pulled off the serious shots quite well.  but truth be told, we were making jokes and laughing the majority of the time {which makes for a great work day} and most of it was at each other’s expense {which makes me all kinds of comfortable and happy}-3-2-7-2-2-2↑


-1-1-2oh, and with all the fun we had with Heather, i thought it was only fair to hit up “Big Daddy’s” for Dan:) -3 so excited to meet your beautiful little girl… check back in a few months to see her images and find out what they decide to name ms.{hadley, summer, harper, tyler, ivey, brooke} mcguffey

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Bridgette - i have my choice for which one goes into your expanding canvas collection… can’t wait to hear your fave

Jamie Wyckoff | Julia's Poppies Design - love them!!! Bridgette you did a great job capturing heather and dan!!

Bridgette - ooo thx jamie, i take that compliment with the utmost respect for you and your creative genius-osity. everyone should click on jamie’s name to check out her fab blog and fun DIYs. love me some DIY!

{ps} maybe i need to talk to ‘jamie for hire’ for some beautiful promo stuff eh?

Amy Brock - Congratulations Heather!!!! You look so beautiful!!!!! I am so happy for you both!
Luv ya and Miss ya,

Lauren Russell - I want to schedule an appointment with you to do fall pictures with my little girl!

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