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Meadow in a field {{ cincinnati dayton child family photographer }}

i’ve had the honor of recording Meadow’s life since she was born.  she’s one of THE original {BD}kids and i’m thankful for her loyal mama.  looking back at images from her newborn shoot, we’ve grown together really…  i can see so much change in my style, composition and artistic quality.  but this is more about Meadow!  look what a gorgeous little lady she is becoming… -2having sunflowers this shoot was a very important request, which led me on a wild goose chase for a few weeks.  i had a great patch last year to use, but this year apparently the wacky ohio weather pushed things back for farmers.  lemons to lemonade though… it led me to find this awesome new location which had a hidden early patch and we had a great time exploring lots of stuff there.  only a fraction of it made it to the blog- i have the hardest time narrowing down my faves.-2meadow was WAY into all the farm animals.  i couldn’t believe how up close and friendly she got.  they are so fearless before they turn two aren’t they?!  we also met the most adorable calf ever that made sarah and i turn vegetarian for the day:)-1-2-2-1-3-4-3-1-2-9-3-2-10she found it important to show us her belly:)-13-11-1-7it’s really such an honor to be involved in her life this way, capturing memories from each stage and trying to tell the story of who she is for that brief moment.  i get to see Meadow a few times a year and i can’t tell you how my heart swells to hear her say my name now-to see her grow leaps and bounds- to get a text from her mama on a wednesday evening that says:

“At this very moment we r in the car and meadow is screaming bridgette at the top of her lungs…I think you have a new admirer =)”



*i have the best job and the sweetest family of clients ever.  blessed beyond belief* 

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Sarah aka Meadow's mama - Thank you so much Bridgette! Our family and friends can’t get enough of these photos! We just ordered a 20×30 print (yeah, I know, its kinda big.. haha) to have framed for our new home! We love you and your amazing talent!

Mike, Sarah, and of course, Meadow =)

Bridgette - we wanna know which one u printed!

Sarah aka Meadow's mama - Oops I forgot to add that! The one directly above =)

Danessa - This shoot is so great! I especially love the sunflower pictures…WOW!!

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