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{Ph}ourth of July {Ph}unbooth {{ cincinnati dayton event photographer }}

-7we spent the holiday with a bunch of friends at the purple boulder farm in morrow.  it was the perfect opportunity to debut BDphotography’s newest offering- The Phunbooth

PHUNBOOTH {fuhnbooth} -noun-, -verb-, phunboothed, phunboothing

1.something that provides mirth or amusement, whilst preserving precious memories 

2.  a temporary structure guaranteed to spice up your party and make you insta-popular-2 (2)-5 nice brad pitt goatee-1 (3)-13-14-8mary katherine gallagher anyone??  “sometimes when i get nervous…”:)-11-12-10-19-17-15silly bandz immortalized!  he’s showing off the first egg hatched on the farm-9-16

 message me about custom phunbooth options for your next party, meeting, reunion, wedding reception, graduation party, omigoshwhataboutahighschoolreunion… the possibilities are endless, you tell me!  if it’s a party, and especially if there is free food, i’m there:)let’s get phunboothing…-1 (2)

oh yeah, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!   hope you are all enjoying food, fun, freedom, fireworks and family.  God bless America!!!

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Shannon - What a (ph)un idea!! Great job as always!

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