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Terra and the City {{ cincinnati dayton wedding photographer }}

Terra is a beautiful girl, obviously adored by a great group of friends and a very lucky man.  This weekend Terra will marry the love of her life {!} but the weekend I had the pleasure to share with her will undoubtedly rank right up there in the memories.  Her friends created the ultimate bachelorette day out for her.  Their Sex and the City themed celebration included professional make-up, brunch, sushi for those of us brave enough:), massages, tearing up a downtown photoshoot, fancy dinner and drinks, a limo and after party.  I’m not even sure if that’s the comprehensive list, but those are the things I witnessed or caught wind of:)  Everything was done right. -5-5-2 Terra was spoiled, and all the girls are crawling over each other to be the next one married off- both for the happily ever after, but also for the “all about me” day!  that’s not to say that they didn’t each get a quick hop into the spotlight during the shoot though.  seemed that everyone was ready for their closeup.  we had a blast.-4-7-6-4-2-3-3-2-2-2a little stop at Tiffany’s was a must of course.  Terra received a little somethin’ special in a light blue bag:)-2-1-2-1-8-9

it only takes a few minutes with these girls to see what an awesome relationship they have together.  it’s the kind of clique you would love to be adopted into. thanks for letting me feel like an honorary member for a day… and thank you for ALL the excited feedback you gave me.  you are SO sweet and now I’m anxiously awaiting the next big celebration you guys have so i have an excuse to create a sequel to our Sex and the City session:) 

Terra: Many wishes for a blessed wedding, honeymoon and marriage!!!

***why not take a cue from Terra’s fab friends?  message me about creating a fun fashion shoot for you and your own amazing group***

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Liz - Awesome job Bridgette! Thanks again and we definitely have you on speed dial for our next event!

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