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not so naked cowboy {{ cincinnati dayton child photographer }}

Gavin’s little face graced the front of my business cards once upon a time.  Since then we’ve only grown closer, and he’s your typical 2 year old boy, bursting at the seams with energy.  We planned a fun day out for his toddler shoot, but first I had to stop by his house so he could show off his new baby brother, Hayes. -1-16we planned the awesome theme of “Naked Cowboy on Times Square” and headed to downtown Cincinnati…-10-3G preferred the “Splash Bridgette and Run Away Before She Tickles You” theme-6-7-8-9we both ended up wet:) somehow the real stuff always ends up way better than the plan. -12nothing like precious wet baby eyelashes to remind me of that.-11after we all took our turn singing for pennies, and Gavin had tortured the pigeons enough, we decided check out a few of my other favorite locations-13-14-17-2-1-2-2-2-3-2


****favorite outtake****


daddy has serious drum skills and on any given Sunday you can find him playing for an audience of hundreds.  he thought he’d show him how it’s done, but G looks anything but impressed! ha! -4our fun day out and this resulting shot will stay strong in my memories.-5  stay tuned… it will be my honor to follow Gavin and Hayes{Gavin 2.0} as they grow into little men.  {fun fact} Hayes was the baby incubating in my popular boy inside image seen here-1-3

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