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*hot mom series* Tara {{ west chester ohio modern photographer }}

so we’ve all seen that Dove commercial right?  the one where it fast forwards the appearance of a woman from beautiful single lady to a worn out used up mama in sweats and ponytail who doesn’t have the time or motivation to even wash her hair… 

i feel like that’s what’s expected sometimes.  that to be a mom you should put your identity aside and stand last in line behind everyone else’s needs.  i just want to remind women of how beautiful they are, as a mom or not, and celebrate our uniqueness.  it doesn’t mean that you are self-centered or don’t take care of your family.  it just means you have the power to do it ALL and mom isn’t your only name!-1-4-7-3-1-5-2a little mary poppins action:)-3-3-3-2she looks like that iconic cloud that blows out wind.  does he have a title? -5supermom anyone? -2-3 aside from being gorgeous, an amazing friend, sunday school leader, and wifey, tara is the mom of three lucky blonde girls.-1-3oh and you might not guess it from first seeing her at your PTA meeting, but she’s one of the silliest chicks you’ll ever have the pleasure of hanging out with. 

*my two favorite outtakes*-6-2-4-2

lots of love tara!  i’m super blessed to have you in my life and hope this gives you a glimpse of the beauty others see in you. 



 it’s fun to play model for a day.   it’s all about empowerment and respect, love and appreciation.  if you are a confident mom, or have an amazing woman in your life you’d like to celebrate, send me an email and let’s set up a shoot.

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Katie Willoughby - Bridgette,

You have an AMAZING talent!!!!…I just love looking at all of your pictures and Tara is just so special to me and these pictures just truly showed her natural beauty and gorgeous personality!!!….

Laura - Love Tara’s outtakes! They make me laugh and then want to hug her. And maybe do a couple of funny faces with her. She’s such a hoot! Great pics Bridgette!

Jett - I love your photos. I just came across ur website from a google search. I wish u were in Phoenix!

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