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halie + kyle {{ trenton ohio modern photographer }}

-1-4-1-5i love that halie & kyle remind us that you can celebrate all sorts of life’s milestones with a photo shoot.-4halie wanted some personal art for their first home together:)-7-1-1-2um, i just think this is the most romantic spot ever.  i feel like i’m watching a nicholas sparks movie every time i look at at this pic-5“…love, I’ve come to understand is more than three words mumbled before bedtime.”  -Nicholas Sparks-8-6-2-1-3-3-2this is actually Kyle’s family land.  i can just imagine their grandkids sitting in this same spot, enjoying this image:)-2-2wow, i’m getting way too sentimental.  they are still just adorable young kids themselves right?-3when i first met kyle, he looked so familiar.  “who do people say is your celebrity twin?” i asked.  “people always say i look like a white Will Smith.”      

that is the funniest answer i have ever heard!!!  i can totally see it, but i’m gonna go with an improved version of John Mayer.  and Halie is just her own brand of gorgeous. 


now, if i were choosing which one to hang BIG in the house, it would be this one.  i’m just silly like that though. 

which would you choose?

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SisnamedJen - Love this shoot. Halie could be a twin to a girlfriend of mine who lives in Colorado. I had to do a double take. p.s. naomi says hi!

angel - i agree on the white will smith! i love the kissing in the street!

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