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and the best story of 2009 goes to… {{ cincinnati dayton family newborn photographer }}

braylin rae

born 4/26/2010

7lbs 7oz and 22in long

happy mother’s day to everyone!  here’s some 3 1/2 day old sweetness to warm your heart. -11-1-3-7-6-5-4-1-2-3-8-2-2casey now has three girls to call her mom!-16and brock… well he’s just got his hands full… of sugar and spice and everything drama i bet for a full 18 years at least-12seriously, their story is my very fave of 2009.  so it goes something like this:

a warm weekday in august…

1.  blake (the oldest) goes off  to kindergarten

2.  brock goes to final appointment and has vasectomy surgery

3.  brock makes it home,  recovers in bed.  meanwhile, casey comes home, takes a pregnancy test and it’s POSITIVE

4. together they freak out?!!!! laugh hysterically at the irony 

5. call friends and family so they can freak out and laugh hysterically at the irony

look how perfect their family is now, plus one.  sometimes we think we have a plan or we have some sort of control and we just have no idea how clueless we are:)-15-14-13-9-17-10

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Becky Glover - Bridgette;
You did an amazing job! Of course, you had beautiful subjects!

Jamie Wyckoff | Julia's Poppies Design - these are my all-time favorite baby pics i have ever seen! gorgeous!!! the first one with her hands on her chin-priceless!!

introducing Hannah James {{ cincinnati dayton newborn family lifestyle in home photographer }} » I Want {BD Photography} - [...] how many different paths there are to making a family.  I’ve watched my clients have surprise pregnancies they wouldn’t change for the world, battle thru cancer to find adoption as their perfect [...]

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