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i’m published!! {{ cincinnati dayton headshot photographer }}

ok so it’s totally removed and by default, kinda like the girl in Briella’s class that says her grandma is hannah montana’s cousin, but still, i’ll take it…for now.  actually the real credit goes to my client Judi Ketteler.  i’m SEW excited for her!  you see, Judi has one of my dream jobs; she’s a freelance writer {lucky!} and gets super cool projects that allow her to research cool topics, meet cool people and soak in cool design {super lucky!}.  she has lots of articles published in national magazines that are probably on your end table already, but now she’s a published author of her very own book!  here’s the pic she chose for her head shot on where you can pre-order your own copy of “Sew Retro” {25 Vintage-Inspired Projects for the Modern Girl & A Stylish History of the Sewing Revolution} -4and here is her cute little family-1-5-3-2-2-2-2


you’ll have to go here order a copy for yourself if you wanna see which head shot she chose for the book.  i consider myself a modern girl who would LOVE some cool vintage projects so i can’t wait.  hey Judi, how about a signed copy?:) 


-1-2Judi:  congratulations again.  happy to hear that i will be seeing you soon for a very special shoot to celebrate your even newer “creation”;)  we will save that for another post…

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