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in home sessions are a favorite for me.  no staging, just real life family moments captured like a fly on the wall. a true “pause button for life” to relive later.  the Paynes are a perfect example of what i want from my work- i want to be your forever photographer, illustrating your life story at every chapter.  I’ve been there each time they adopted a new baby.  i visit with them yearly, and this week i got to witness the beautiful chaos of having kids aged one, two and three all at the same time.  they set to work making breakfast, the big boys helping scramble the eggs while baby sister had the important task of sorting sweet potatoes from one bowl to the other and back again. they loved hearing funny mama review the family meal rules. my favorite moment of the whole day was these teeny hands reaching to close the prayer circle <3 the boys then waited patiently for the dino hunt to begin… well, until they saw an opportunity to follow daddy upstairs…which gave him yet another opportunity to have his arms full of them. sister stole some dinos. mama stole some giggles.  praise break!  everyone stopped to laugh and clap and shake their hips.  i admired jillian & justin quietly as they effortlessly juggled and traded babies over and over until the perfect combination of the moment was achieved. up!snuggle!! poke!!! daddy’s hands are safeand fun!  thank you for another special day together, paynes.  these images, plus a hundred more will be in your keepsake coffee table magazine!i admire you both, xoxo

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