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there’s something about us as moms sometimes.  with professional pictures, the trend seems to be that for baby’s first year we might do them monthly {ok only the first baby} and then every few months or on birthdays for a few more years, and then after school age, we tend to drop off dramatically.  it’s as if we get too busy with life to record it, or maybe we think they aren’t changing as quickly now- tho timehop pops up to prove us wrong. maybe it’s just that as they get older and more camera aware, we think they are too awkward for the photographer or they are going thru a physically awkward age {personally, i think ALL 8 year old snaggletooth smiles should be frozen in time forever!}.  whatever the case, i’ve watched my newborn clients grow into chubby toddlers and proud preschool big sisters and handsome young athletic boys… and then they slip away for a while, busy maybe with demanding ballet and baseball schedules.   i hadn’t seen grace & gretchen since they were preschoolers!  and now they are as tall as mama, and fully capable of making her a hot breakfast in bed, which i doled out as homework for them.

april and her girls have started a new chapter, with some handsome fellas, in a new state.  the dynamics of that, while they are in junior high, and blending two families together… well, it’s a big change.  i was lucky enough to be invited into their new home to record a typical morning as they find their new normal and continue writing their stories, with more characters now.  in-home “fly on the wall” sessions are a great option for older and teen kids because they don’t have to be cajoled into coordinating outfits and they get to be themselves instead of worrying about how terrible their fake smile is going to look.  we just hang out barefoot for a while, they show off their space, their talents, their comfort zones, and you are left with REAL images that will transport you back to this chapter when it’s long gone and the nest is empty.  they can look back and appreciate how much their relationships have strengthened, how great a mom you were now that they have experienced parenthood themselves.  an in home session is a priceless way to freeze time when you only have a few summers left with them.  an excellent “pause button for your life”, as is my motto.

“it’s so good to be home”ryan had a little assistance here and there, but proved himself pretty handy in the kitchen.a short water fight ensued…but to my disappointment, the food at the table was tempting enough to cut it has it been 8 years? these toddlers became amazing, smart, strong, talented and of course, beautiful young was way too excited to strap the girls in for some virtual torture…and then they each gave me a peek at their own spaces.where gretchen can stretch her gymnastic and competition cheer muscles…grace can catch a breather between soccer tournaments…and ryan can sharpen his coding and video game design skills in preparation to change the world – two monitors at a time.these two have teamed up to take on the Call of Duty!and i even caught snuggle bug with her mama <3so honored to see the love and fun that grows here!congratulations april, wishing you all the happiness you deserve.



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