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i’ve had the privilege of hanging out with the zaveri crew since ethan was born almost six years ago.  i like to think we’ve grown together, and i appreciate the opportunity.  it’s so fun to see them change and mature, and to come up with new ideas for our time together year after year.  this time, i gave the kids homework and they showed up prepared and proud.  each of them personalized a lock to place on the purple people bridge.  i teased daddy and told the girls to keep the key, then come back on their first date or something significant like that:) oh the serious concentration, ethan!we cut loose and had some fun.  this always works out because consistently, i find that kids are fond of fun.snaggle tooth snuggles. she’s been holding that one there for months!! thank for saving it for me. 8 year old smiles are as unique and beautiful and should be frozen in time forever.ok ‘livi, this is about as grown up as you need to get. get it lillah! you forgot you were playing shy this year. whoops:)hoping that the fun and memories totally make up for the fact that both of your umbrellas got stolen while we danced in the rain. til next time, Z crew!

**and hey everyone, can i just say?  BRAVO on the wardrobe.  it’s important to me that BD sessions be as stress free as possible.  dressing your family for photos can feel like a big deal.  i’m happy to help with tips as it does make a huge difference, but it doesn’t have to be hard. this is the perfect example of what i like to see. a complementary color palette, layers and accessories, keeps everyone subtly coordinated but true to their own style. way to go, mama!


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