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Mitchel’s Wish Come True

so what do you do when your sweet boy starts asking how you and daddy met, what your wedding was like, if he can dance with you like beauty and the beast since he’s your prince, and oh, by the way, can he wear a tie also?  if you’re sweet mama Lindsi, you call up your sweet boy’s newborn photographer and make sure his dream comes true.  there’s no way i’d pass up a project like this <3  So, we collaborated and here’s how it went.

Step 1.  Book your original wedding venue for a remake on the wedding your little guys missed out on.  Right after your 10 year wedding anniversary to boot.Step 2.  The Tie.Step 3.  A proper “surprise first look” just like the big grooms get.Step 4. I hook my man up with a surprise rose for his Beauty.{the maturity of this five and a half year old is so freaking adorable!}and the things that come out of his smart little brain!not to leave out her other favorite boys, we went inside to find daddy struggling with a bow tie for Myles.Mitchel declared that he should handle this job, and Daddy agreed.turns out, he was super capable! meanwhile my own 5 year old has me convinced that he still can’t put on his own pants or socks.  i’m starting to think i’m being played.

back to this stud, have you ever seen such a modestproud smile? :)  that’s a new word for you. #modestproudall set, onto the Flamingo Room where the vows were said a decade ago…her gentleman squad awaits,and a remake of that first kiss in that same spot.then finally time for his dance!

**whispers over his shoulder to DJ Dad “you remember the song, right?!”**i caught the lovebirds sneaking a moment to themselves while i was wrangling boys.  ten years looks so good on you guys. i think the wedding assistant said it best, “Lindsi, you forgot to age”.  nevermind that you had to have your dress taken IN after carrying two big babies.this is my first time meeting Myles so pardon me while i get sidetracked in his cuteness for a moment.lucky lucky Lindsi.

i’m pretty sure Myles is dreaming up his own special day for next time.

mission accomplished everyone! thanks for inviting me to be part of such a special day <3

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