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on top of the world

“she’s sooo beautiful” i whined.
rachael replied in her native language {sarcasm} “oh, thanks. she clearly gets it from me”

**you wouldn’t be able to pick rachael out as her mom if there were three, or even one other mom on the park bench probably. rachael has gorgeous dark skin and dark eyes and hair. toe head elena has her daddy’s facial expressions and just about everything else.***

before i met rachael for elena’s newborn shoot, her reputation preceded her. like she could have her own show called Everybody Loves Rachael. she’s the kind of spirit that is just chill and go with the flow and happy and infectious. she has the biggest bright smile. she will lift you up in a time of need. especially a time like elena’s one year shoot when our balloons kept popping, and the very last one was swept off by the wind and got tangled in a tree and before i knew what was happening she was hoisting me in the air to grab it and save the day…. she’s a -save the day and tell you it’s NBD- kinda girl. i know her friends are so happy to have her. i wonder if she knows it? anyway, this image jumped out to me. i see rachael as calm and confident. if this image of elena, literally trying to fill her mama’s shoes at 3 years old, on top of the world with her hands on her hips isn’t rachael’s beautiful confidence, i don’t know what is. she looks so much like you after all, Rachael. 

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