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aiden won me over with the first glance of his big brown eyes.  actually, he looked exactly how i dreamt my son would look when i was a little girl, dreaming of my maybe-one-day babies.  he ran right into my arms and we played while his mama got his new baby sister alina ready for her closeup.  my first babies were only 20 months apart so i know what a handful it can be having a toddler and a newborn at the same time.  generous soul that i am, i offered to take aiden home with me permanently, but my offer was not accepted. bummer:) it appears that Joanne thinks her babies are as painfully perfect as i do. living dolls. i can’t deal. i’ll hush and show you the proof. enjoy!i survived the rush of 2014 and have spent the first two weeks of 2015 happily hibernated in my bed with the amazing heated mattress pad.  the calendar is filling up with more new babies and a few special projects, so the lazy can’t last for long, but i’m soaking it up until my first newborn of the year, this Wednesday.  Thanks for being patient here as I haven’t made time to update in MONTHS, and for keeping up with me on my ever-so-TMI facebook page.  love you always {BD}

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