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hounshell 10 year LOVE EXPERIENCE {{ cincinnati dayton love anniversary couples beloved photography }}

i was impressed by the hounshells as a couple the very first time i met them.  i blogged about it back in 2011 as they expertly wrangled their triplets at one year old.  three years later, when andy contacted me about a surprise anniversary session for leah, i knew they were made for a technique i’ve been sitting on for a while.


if you’re curious what this technique entails, i’ve included an info link at the end of this post. but for now, let’s focus on the awesomeness that is Leah+Andy

leah woke up on their 10 year anniversary to roses, a salon appointment, and her wedding dress to slip into.  yes she fit.  as andy said,”she looked even more beautiful than when she wore it the first time.”  this guy, right ladies?!  and she deserves him.

they had never loved their original wedding photos so he set out to have a do over in that aspect.  what developed was more than just a photo shoot.  Leah described their LOVE EXPERIENCE session as,  ”the best experience ever. It was just so sweet, so real and raw. We both were just overcome with emotion, laughing and crying the whole time.”  

diving into their story, they each told me, separately, their side of the proposal story.

such an adorable {he said/she said}

andy said what stood out the most was “how confident i was that i wanted her to be my wife. i was so excited that i couldn’t wait to propose.  i asked her right there in our kitchen while she was making tacos.”

as she remembers it, “i was home painting walls and he went out to look at rings with a friend for his girlfriend. i had no clue he was looking for me.  he came home and asked me to marry him, even though i had paint in my hair and burnt our dinner!’

andy mentioned an adventure they had together in Maui, doing all sorts of fun stuff, including a hike looking for waterfalls somewhere they shouldn’t have been and hiding in the forest when they heard other people coming.  brian and i actually did the same on our five year anniversary trip to Maui, hiking alone through the bamboo, we never found our waterfall, but thanks for helping me relive the thrill of thinking we were lost, forever in Hawaii.  thanks for brightening my day, rejuvenating my own attention to love, and trusting me to record your time together.  always honored and grateful.  happy to know you two! to your next decade together, cheers! {BD}

**want to know more about the LOVE EXPERIENCE?  interested for yourself, your lover or family? more info here**


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