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vegas baby!

tucked away in Vegas is a little spot every photographer dreams of.  it’s called the Neon Boneyard, the place where all good Vegas signs go when they die:)  gazing longingly from the internet for most of this century, it’s really the only thing i thought Vegas would ever have to offer me.  i’ve never been enticed by the poker chips, dirrty girls, or other general stereotypes i had painted in my mind.  i’ve been invited to visit for years, and i just wasn’t interested… but the stars aligned and after a grueling Ohio winter, i caved.  i packed my bags, expecting only sun, signs, and some catching up with a dear friend and my scrumptious godson, Mekhi.  -8turns out, my expectations were almost all wrong!  a little piece of me was crushed when i learned the Boneyard was closed for renovations for a few months.  no access for me during my visit!?  unacceptable!  by some Easter miracle, i happened upon a fenced lot that was housing a bunch of the signs during transition.  it took a little maneuvering and flexibility, but i was able to sneak just enough shots to get my fix and cross the Boneyard off my bucket list:)  go go gadget lens!-9-1-3-7-6also unexpected was the lack of sun.  we were treated with windy chilly days the majority of our week-long visit. meanwhile everyone back home was happy to report that the snow had melted and they were basking in 85* temps.  whatthe?!  i started to feel like we were being punked, but actually the rest of Vegas was a real treat. -1-3-2 i was pleased to discover that nearly all of my preconceived notions about “sin city” were wrong.  everything was super clean, affordable and truly an artist’s utopia.  the ridiculous grandeur in the details made normal everyday occurrences extraordinary.  the imagination is stretched and it’s just so refreshing to feel like you are experiencing new sights and ideas as an adult.  the grown-up’s “been there, done that” state of mind is washed away and you are left with nothing but miles of accessible opulence to wander thru’ and soak in.  while it’s true that you can pretty much have whatever you want, whenever you want it, the level of debauchery that takes place it totally subjective:)  if you are seeking a PG experience, the unintended offenses are shockingly minimal.  but on the subject of what you want, when you want it, how about a $1 deep fried twinkie? or a pound of m&m’s in your favorite color? -5-4-13 or how about visiting Paris, Venice and New York City in under an hour? -10-2-2-12-1-2-3tribute artists representing decades of history stand ready to entertain you- shows, sights and sounds for every taste. on the outskirts safely holding it ALL in are majestic snow-capped mountains.  and despite all the man-made wonders here, the mountains greeting us with morning sun were more breathtaking than all the neon Vegas can shine.  we just couldn’t get over them.  when we wanted a break from the hustle and bustle and crowds, we escaped to Red Rock for an afternoon of hiking.-2our farewell evening was spent being absolutely floored by the talent of some phenomenal Cirque du Soleil performers.  add some more of those shows on my bucket list?  you bet.  all in all, i’m happy to admit that i was wrong, i’ve been converted, and would be happy to chime in next time i hear that warm cliche “VIVA LAS VEGAS!”-11

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Shannon - Those pictures are amazing, Bridgette! I love looking at your work!

Still SisnamedJen (I hope) - Simply amazing as always, guess there’s no reason to come and see the real thing now, huh? Love ya!

sarah - love the neon boneyard stuff—don’t you wish that was nearby? think how awesome bridal pics would look there

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