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welcome home! a very special limited engagement {{ vintage imagination play house mini session photography }}

okay, so i’ve been having a blast all summer with this incredible project.  we renovated an old playhouse and made into a magical place for all the kids in our lives to come and be real kids, with real imaginations. actually playing. unplugged.  it’s so refreshing!

this place is like bees to honey for the girls AND boys in our neighborhood.  our 2 year old little man, and 9 & 11 year old girls have had countless hours already, playing with friends in all sorts of creative scenarios.  this place is like a portal to imagined worlds.  it makes my heart sing to watch, and it makes the other countless hours we spent as a family rehabbing and decorating it that much more special.

i want to share it with the world- and i will soon on the blog, detailed before & after pictures, tutorials etc on the way. but i want everyone to experience it in person too:) i want to celebrate childhood. which led me to this:

a very special limited engagement

i will be offering mini-sessions

for the first time ever

{BD} doesn’t do weekends.  {BD} doesn’t do minis.  {BD} is breaking the rules:)

check out this quick sample session with a special little miss who got her own hands dirty helping us paint the inside this summer.  she’s reaping the rewards with us, and very proud of the results.  important session details at the end of the post!

welcome to the

vintage {play}house of imagination
this place is chock full of little treasures to discover. wait til u see!  use your own imagination for a moment.  can you see your princess with a mini tray of cupcakes and flour on her nose?

sessions are very limited and happening SOON.


when: saturday Oct 5th    {rain plan B of sunday Oct 6th}

location: somewhere over the rainbow     {technically known as middletown, OH}

1/2 the cost of your regular {BD}session    {$200}

all the fun of your regular {BD}session    {with 6.5 times the magic}

and the most important part, 25% of your session fee goes directly to a family ready to bring their son home from Ethiopia {click here if you dare to fall in love with Titus}

each session is:

20 minutes of play

20 high res digital images

online gallery for 20 days

photo release, free downloading of your images, and option to purchase professional prints at a steep discount {$1 4×6, $2 5×7, $4 8×12}


 once you have saved your spot, would you help us help out Titus by sharing this link or our FB flyer with your friends so they don’t miss out on the fun?  you guys could carpool, and sit and catch up in my cute new comfy outdoor oasis.  that’s a whole ‘nother summer project, yet to be revealed on the blog.  you guys are going to be so in on the advanced previewing:) you can expect little treats, baked goods, maybe a few specialty Mom-treprenuers to meet. and yes, if you are hoping to include your boys, i have plenty of vintage bowties and even a homemade wooden jalopy complete with a real vintage can of oil transmission fluid {what do i know? it’s cute!}

who else is going to man the tiny grill on the tiny backporch?

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SisnamedJen - crushing on this super hard! wish we could stay at a place long enough to build something as sweet. we”ll just have to borrow yours the next time we’re in town ;) love it!!!

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