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my own little cupid {{ valentine toddler modern theme photographer cincinnati dayton mason}}

i suppose around here it is beginning to look like i only photograph my own kids…

truth is, i’ve met lots of new clients, and continued to document the growth of my long time loyal clients- both scenarios i absolutely adore.  every time i finish a session i think, THIS one HAS to be blogged.

the automatic blog fairy never seems to get the note.

also, the fairy that is really good at doing something  anything with the thousands of personal pics i take is no where to be found.  i pin projects, buy frames and albums, dream up canvas arrangements, and bookmark  never.goes.anywhere:)

so, mildly apologetically, i present the lean mean Bronxy machine, for your viewing pleasure, and my attempt at preserving memories.    happy 1.5 birthday to my long locked, sweet smile, rambunctious child.  you are 200% boy and have pierced our hearts with more love than cupid’s arrow ever could.

happy valentine’s day to you all!!


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Nicole - he is perfect :) i love these, such a great job- as always!

SisnamedJen - I love these so much! What a sweet shoot.

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