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have yourself a merry little christmas {{ cincinnati dayton photographer }}

to whom it may concern;

please consider this your christmas card from the BD household for 2012:)

my dad always says, “when you need an excuse, anything will do.” truth! but i’ll throw a few excuses out here anyway.

i was too busy to get cards ordered and printed. just the thought of harvesting addresses to mail them?! please know that i am fully and finally impressed by all of you who did this-i know you were “too busy” also, but you made it happen!

i couldn’t narrow them down to a remotely reasonable number of images. even the collage one i considered wouldn’t cut it. choosing top faves for the blog, i could only get down to forty. overkill again and again on this domain. sorry:)

finally, i really REALLY love opening my mailbox in december and seeing what all of you talented, gorgeous people do with your {BD}images. please keep sending them. but also, can someone fill me on the holiday card protocol? or genius pinterest solution/project to save or repurpose them? i just never know what to do with them afterward. i feel like i’m wasting them. do i keep them? recycle? repurpose? what is the acceptable amount of time you are supposed to keep them and then an official next step that everyone knows about besides me? i have the same issue with birthday cards, thank you notes, etc… PLEASE HELP.

without further ado, here are a FEW of the pics i did of the littlest BDs.  i think i will refrain from getting all sappy and just leave it to the visual.  the short version? they are my world. obviously.  grandmas and grandpas (of which there are 8+ of you), please let me know which are your favorites and i will whip up some prints or projects for you for gifts. i can’t choose!




peace love joy love hope love happiness & love

wishing you ALL the best


*special thanks for lori baskin of LBboutique for the motivation to do a personal session!  i felt like her talent needed a spotlight so i asked her to send some of her beautiful handmade goods my way.  each headband and bowtie featured here was custom made by her.  check her out, i’d love to see what she whips up for you!*

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Ashley - Your kids are gorgeous :)

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