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theo is three!! {{ cincinnati dayton superhero session super hero photography }}

and just like that, he is three.  the boy with no real name is defining himself before our very eyes.  we worried that “spike” or “boober” might not work when his kindergarten teacher one day asks what he should be called.  turns out, he has chosen “Theo” {tee-oh if you ask him}.  or he might let you slide with calling him hulk, iron man, batman or the like.  he spends a good portion of his days as those alter egos. 

super theo is a great example for his little super bronx sidekick.  my own baby is quickly becoming a boy, fast on his heels.  yes, there are moments when the pair of them are baby theo and baby bronx is demanding attention from mamaw, but either way, they are partners which delights me to no end.  on this day, they were big superheroes having a big day in the big city.for theo, 3 is avengers, chicken nuggies and “bye bye in mamaw’s car”sweet thang.  my favorite is how he gets me everytime:

“bridgette, i have ice cream?” in his whineysmooshedtogethertoddlerwords

“you want some ice cream?”

“okay!!!” in his surprised but delighted that i would suggest such a thing tone

every time i try to clarify his words, he acts as if they are my own new idea, like he is completely innocent and i am proposing he have ice cream out of the blue on a tuesday for breakfast.  clearly this is his actual super power. gets me every time.
so proud of you.  thank you for filling our hearts the way you do.  aunt bridgey will still probably call you Borey Borey Boo Boy until you can take it no more.  just know that a hero, by any other name, is still just as noble.

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