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{DIY tutorial} quick simple sweet sentimental projects

so here is a peek at the soft vintage gentleman inspired nursery i did on a teensy budget for our baby boy.  each project was super affordable, super easy and barely needs a tutorial, which hopefully means i won’t be so superfluous with my writing. mama has things to do!

the canvas shaded lamp was a gift from one grandma.  i used a sharpie to write a poem written to him by his other grandma.  soooo sweet and triple sentimental.  i don’t love my handwriting, but i love to find my mom’s handwriting on things, so hopefully bronx will too.


i repainted the girls’ letter B with the paint leftover from his walls.  his middle name is spelled out in scrabble letters because everyone in this family is a scrabble F-A-N-A-T-I-C (12 points + 50 pt bonus for using all your tiles!) .  the puzzles were picked up for $3 at an estate sale one morning by the girl’s school.  i love that they are from a local picture and puzzle company i never knew existed, and OLD.  the curtains are a $20 painters dropcloth.  it was actually seamed in 3 pieces, so i cut along those, used two of the sections for curtains and the third for pillowcases and tie tab loops for the curtains. i used the sewing machine to hem them as need with very simple straight stitches, and i finally used the “buttonhole” feature on the machine to make sure my loop slits would hold up over time.  this was so much easier than i expected!  the loops are simple strips pushed thru the new buttonholes and tied.  fray away, i like the look!  the curtain rod is a branch i picked up on the side of the road after a storm.  

somehow, it happened to the the perfect length but you could easily trim yours down to fit just right.  i planned to paint it white, but ended up loving it raw.  i broke off a few spare branches and threw those in a vase i had been using to collect loose change. room total thus far was about $25 + paint.  the spare change almost covered it;) we hit the hardware section and found the metal to mount the branch.  we weren’t sure what size would work, but loved the raw industrial look.  we grabbed a pair of medium and a pair of large.  the large worked and rather than return the mediums we mounted them as tie-backs to keep the curtains open.the spot of dark blue is the world’s loveliest smell emitting from this anthropologie candle that cost almost as much as the room itself, but is worth every.darn.penny {especially if someone bought it for you for your birthday}.  the whiskey barrel was a find from a local salvaged home goods place, i lined it with a disposable paper tablecloth i had in the garage from 2 christmas parties ago {from ikea}.  the project i procrastinated on the longest was the dresser.  i wanted to find something old and repaint for a totally fabulous makeover.  the size and shape needed to fit just under the window and everything i found on craigslist was just too expensive.  brian’s uncle came to the rescue, gifting us an old white one he didn’t have space for anymore.  the longer it sat, the more i thought the idea of sanding and sanding and sanding and painting at 8 months pregnant seemed ridiculous.  i decided my old friend modge podge would be just the thing, but i figured if it was going to be in the baby’s room, it should probably have some pics of HIM on it, not just the rest of us.  so i lined the inside of the drawers with that same paper tablecloth and the outside stayed white for the first year but it was aged enough that it was a good fit anyway.  finally after our whirlwind first year with the new baby boy, we had enough great memories captured to create our photo dresser.  hopefully it will become a family heirloom because those pics are on there for goooood.  i simply measured out how many 4x6s would fit on the drawer fronts, ordered them as black and whites, noting how many i need in portrait orientation {|} and how many i needed in landscape {-} and had them shipped to my door for less than $10.  

when they arrived i was so excited i didn’t even bother to find a paintbrush.  i smeared a small section of the drawer with modge podge, placed one pic on, and smoothed modge podge over top of it with my finger.  this part is scary but i promise it dries clear and lovely in the end, with no damage to your precious pics. pay special attention to seal the edges and corners.  repeat, repeat, repeat until you have used up all your pics and your hands are covered in glue that is fun to peel off.

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xo {BD}

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Stephanie - Thank you for your inspiration, I think I will be doing this to my gandmother’s buffet that I’m going to put into my Daughter’s room for her babydolls.It is beautiful and I hope my piece turns out as lovely.

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