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keylocks, live and in color {{ cincinnati dayton hamilton middletown family photographer }}

less is more when you blog. trust me, i know it.  and i swear i really do try.  i sit on sessions for days, weeks or months so i’m less biased and can narrow them down to the top dogs.  and i tried this time too.  it just didn’t work out.  we had TOOOOO much fun.  even at only 1/5 of the final images, the blog still comes to 50 images.  so once again, here i go, overindulging.  buckle in and, as my Brooklynne would say,  feast your eyes!
color and texture were the order of the day.  we ended up at a satellite location last minute.  all’s well that ends well.  even better when it’s unplanned and comes together perfectly.georgie porgie, not to give you a big head, but you are hilarious;)mum tried to steal some quick affection from dad.  evie was having none of it!if i ever make a coffee table book, this. will. be it’s cover ↑

william begging for kisses.  silly boy, she used her charm and irresistibility to steal your hat.  lesson #7 about pretty girls. they are all doing the perfect thing if you ask me! i LOVE THIS ↑okay this ↓ is my second choice  for which image to print and send back home to any aunts you have in england. my first choice would be the one just like this where finn has a whole bunch of tough finn attitude on his face.same age difference as my Briella and Bronx, just flip the boy/girl scenario.  so sweet to watch them together.  he is just as nurturing, protective and in love as Briella ismake it rain mum and dad!!!waiting patiently for their treats… not that she is rubbing it in…oh two can play the “deceive-you-with-sweet-charming-snuggles” game eh?wildman william. how cool is he?!
not in your hair little finney finn finn!
what else can i say? you guys are a blast.  thanks for the honor. xoxo

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