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a surprise for meadow {{ gender reveal balloon photographer dayton cincinnati }}

i’m not sure if anyone takes up as much space on my hard drive as little miss meadow:) in fact, i even named my signature edit after her because i developed it one day working on her session.  she is one of my longest and most loyal clients.  i’m a bad blogger so you probably haven’t seen tons of her images, but i’ve been her photographer since she was days old, which means i’ve had the inside scoop on all the cool stuff going on in her world.  today was no different.  sarah wanted to do a surprise balloon reveal to let everyone know whether meadow would be a big sister to a boy or girl, which of course meant pictures, which of course meant i got top-secret first access info.  being a photographer has it’s perks you know?!


yep! girl!  Meadow and i knew it all along, didn’t we Meds?  and Olive too, but she ain’t talkin  :)

   i had a some fun tonite looking back thru all her pics…watching her grown from a newborn to a little lady in just a few hundred clicks.

  i really can’t imagine a better sidekick for Meadow than a curly haired little Iris, or freckle faced Daisy, or can we have maybe a shy little Willow or Fern?

i’m excited for you big sister.  your new baby has some big sparkly shoes to fill  :)  i know you will teach her well.


oh and a little note, meadow let us keep the box in case anyone else wants to have a little fun.  just add balloons:)

who’s next?

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