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not sure what to say, except i’ve come to the realization that one of the greatest joys of this career is working with clients over and over for a few years.  i learn so much from watching your stories unfold.  it’s why i don’t do “new client only” discounts, but discounts for return sessions instead.  i never felt great being a member of a gym, or patron of a spa, and being excluded from specials because i was already a loyal client.  what???!  that’s like the opposite of appreciation.  anyway, just want you all to know, i appreciate you so much!  you support me, you teach me, and you bless me.  same goes for this little story…

meet topper
he has such a cool story.  there once was a girl named bridget who came into my life.  it was such a scary chapter in her story, and yet, i had an unusual bold confidence and calm about it.  i just mean, i am a worrier by nature.  it’s one of the most frustrating things i deal with (you know, aside from my disorganized A.D.D. tendencies).  and i was SUPER worried when i starting researching stage 2 breast cancer and tried to put myself in 26 year old bridget’s shoes.  but the funny thing is, once i was there, i was kind of infected by her strength and positivity and my prayers for her became very calm.  devoid of desperation or fear, and completely full of hope and anticipation.  i actually said, “i really don’t see this being more than a hiccup in your story”.  that’s hard to believe coming from me, but not hard to believe knowing her.  do you follow?  ok, well i also said in that first blog, “i’m really just curious to see how this cancer thing will be used in her life and the lives of those around her.”

WOW.  how faith-building and incredible it has been to watch.

 it’s a long story, but in short, Bridget fought thru’ chemo, a double mastectomy, recovered, got her hair back, decided not to give cancer a chance to be passed down to the next generation in her family, bravely chose adoption as the next step , was matched with “the best birth mom ever”,  stood in an operating room to watch her son be born, spent a few “lifetime movie without the drama” perfect days in the hospital with said birth mom and hubby and baby T, and is now the most excited and proud  soccer mom this side of the mississippi.

i wish i could tell you all the funny little details about how things worked together to get them to this place in the story, the things that Bridget just smiles and explains as, “It’s all God”, but there are just too many, and I know I wouldn’t do it justice.  maybe if you are lucky enough, one day she will tell you herself.  but here’s one of my favorites.

bridget and i have a thing with names.  it’s kind of what brought us together.  see, my girls are briella and brooklynne, which blew her away when she met them (as their art teacher Mrs. Beatty) because for years she and her husband had those exact two names chosen if they ever had daughters.  imagine both our surprise when we met each other. “Hi I’m Bridgette.”  ”Oh hi, I’m Bridget!” (nevermind that she spells her’s wrong).  then, remember in the last post when i said their little girl would have a B name or their little boy would have a T name?  well ends up, the amazing woman who carried topper already had two boys and both their names start with T.  does anyone else appreciate these “coincidences”??  and then at the hospital when topper was born, there was a little girl born that was named briella.:)i’m so thrilled for you, Bridget.  so blessed to have been able to support you and watch you thru’ all of it.  to witness your pinterest boards go from inspirational quotes on cancer to practical, fun, and encouraging tips for mamas raising boys.  can’t wait to bring our little men up together, and i’m so excited to have a crazy creative friend like you to share the experience with.

to all the {BD}families brought together by adoption, or in the process of adoption now, thanks for teaching me about a love i never experienced before.  cheers.

“adoption is when a child grows in it’s mama’s heart instead of her tummy”

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megan - Such a beautiful story!!

beth - ok, i am crying. …this is beautiful….it is a small world… God’s great plan ……The Beatty’s are GOOD friends of my nephew Matt Greider…..

Beth Greider

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