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{ONE}derful year {{ cincinnati dayton first birthday cake smash photography }}

to my baby boy:

birthdays are a big deal around here.  at least for me.  i usually celebrate my birthday week.  this year i dragged it out, went to vegas, had a birthday month for my 30th.  but actually my girls from high school and i decided that you can’t over-celebrate your 30th so we are enjoying our birthday year with a new adventure together every few weeks as the “flirty30″ crew { bellydancing, painting class, silks, trapeze, rock climbing…}

your dada?  he’s that handsome quiet type who likes to say, “my birthday is just another day”… which for me sucks all the fun out it  {speaking of- tonight we all giggled like crazy sucking the helium from your giant balloon and making funny voices at you, even though you won’t remember}.  i still try tho, like the time i wrote a singing telegram and had a friend show up in spandex to deliver it in front of his entire office.  that was a good one:) last year i delivered the present myself {a week late}…it was YOU!

and for your sisters?!  i’m not the best at remembering all the new traditions i try to start, but i sure do hope some stick.  we paint their yearly canvas together, i love to throw a great party, and make your sisters feel like i’ve forgotten the word “no” for a few days surrounding their big days.  they will tell you i don’t take it easy on them the rest of the year; i make them work for everything, they get lectured about values and money and decisions and responsibility… if you don’t see this for yourself, they will warn you.  but all that goes out the window for a week of their birthday.  i was so happy to read back thru the blog tonight and see your sisters’ birthday shoots, see how much they have grown… read about what stood out about them at those ages, funny little things i have forgotten too quickly.  i hope i can continue this for you.

my sweet prince.  i don’t know where a year has gone.  as i lay here typing with you asleep on my chest, i swear it has been no time at all since you were born in the water and i pulled you to the same spot with my own hands.  your smallest big sister cut the cord and you have been unstoppable since.  dada and i knew good and well this time how it all goes too fast.  we actually decided we should try to keep you a newborn,  but our plan did not work out as you can tell.   the days of velvety soft peach fuzz skin and stiff jerky movements and simple little grunts and signature new life wails quickly gave way to a boy in every sense of the word.
before you could sit up, you laughed at the rumbles in your diaper.  who does that??  a boy.  before we knew it, your blue eyes from dada turned to hazel eyes from mama.  you crawled in record time.  for your 8 month birthday you cut your first tooth at 40,000 feet flying home from las vegas.  before your 9 month, you were walking all by yourself.  this didn’t come without consequence.  as i type, your injury count is at 7 bloody lips and one mean facial bruise.  countless fevers too, i’m guessing from all the dirt and germs that come with snips and snails and puppy dog tails.
you’re a man’s man, always reaching for the guy in the crowd, hanging out with the boys, willing to go with a stranger if he has facial hair.  but you are no two-timer.  i am undeniably your favorite woman on the planet, and i will wear that badge as long as i possibly melt our hearts with your sweet little hugs around our necks,  your dimpled tan little hand patting us.  you give noggin bonks and mimic all sorts of gestures and habits we have.  you grin at us with that gap toothed spongebob excited as we get watching you do something new, it’s just as cool to watch the girls be impressed and thrilled by every little thing you discover and master- from saying new words to even going on the potty each morning!you are a tough wiry little thing.  usually takes two of us to strap you into your car seat, which you dramatically protest have a precocious sense of humor, seeming to understand our joking and teasing you about things, and certainly repeating anything that gets a laugh until it is funny no more.  you are fake sneezes, and the borey game and pee-boo and forced phony laughs to fit in when the rest of us crack up at a joke on tv.for a long time now you much prefer to be flipped and swung and held upside down to being cradled like a baby.  we think you might join cirque du soleil when you are grown.  if so, will you pleeeease take me with you?
it seems like we have spent this entire fleeting year whining about how our baby is not enough like a baby.  you are this tiny little ball of energy we can’t keep boxed in.  the single thing you have not delved head first into is food.  you still nurse for 98% of your nutrition and i could not cherish it more.  it’s the only part of your day that you are still and snugly and have not a need in the world.  our hazel eyes lock and for probably the only time in your life you actually love me as much as i love you which is incredible.  i know that with each passing day, we will foster your independence…society will harden you, make you “dust it off”, “take it like a man”…and eventually you will find some other woman more beautiful and enchanting than me who will steal all your attention and affection.  it’s ultimately my hope for you, but that doesn’t change the fact that i’m crying just thinking about it.  i didn’t even cry when you were born, but hearing you laugh out for the first time loud made me smile and sob, and here i sit now, the same emotion…tears coming out because i’m so filled with love for you that they just won’t fit inside.  i promise to do my best to raise you right and make her the luckiest girl in the world.  please choose her wisely, because like they say, she will be the gate-keeper for me spending time with you and my grandchildren when this whole crazy cycle starts all over again.
we celebrated you tonite.  nana and the girls made this sweet cake for you, and if there is one thing you will give a fair chance, it is sweets.  ”mmmmmm!” your enthusiastic little voice hummed.
and THIS face right here is why we are having a red bouncy ball birthday party for you.


you say it with an audible exclamation point every time.  it was your favorite part of the cake, it’s your favorite game, your favorite lovey, your favorite toy.  you already throw and catch and shoot hoops and your dada could not be more proud.funny bubby.  you make your sisters literally double over with laughter.  they adore you.dada tried to introduce you to his love of chocolate but you were clearly not convinced.
you stuck with the icing- smacking your lips, rubbing your belly like we had scripted it that way, and of course clutching your beloved ball.  happy birthday sweet angel babycakes bubba boo.  you are loved more than you will ever know.  thank you for changing the BD4 into the BD5.  we will never be the same, and are so grateful for the joy you bring us.



{*for cleanup you had your first bath in the sink.  your biggest sister briella insisted. “please! like a real baby before he is not a baby anymore”}

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