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brunch for two…another tiny love story {{ cincinnati hamilton dayton child love photographer }}

little man parker came all the way from arizona for his romantic picnic with elliethings were going quite well until their mamas let it slip that they had grand plans for an arranged marriage.  each half of the party reacted quite differently to that news:):) actually, megan and kendall are pals whose friendship grew as ellie and parker grew in the womb.  they bonded over pregnancy woes, and highs and lows.  p & e were born just weeks apart and it turns out they are both expecting again… weeks apart again!what a fun situation.  i can totally relate when they say it’s great to have someone going thru’ the same things, hitting the same milestones and trials, all that, at the same time.   megan & kendall have kinda parallel lives but live states apart, same as me and my Jen.  our quirky story goes: best friends thru high school, married 2 weeks apart, first babies 10 days apart, second babies 16 days apart… and just when i thought the madness was over, we both got a baby boy last year:) she always lives on the other side of the country, or globe even, but that’s just a special bond that time and distance don’t change.  {those beautiful lashes and freckles at the top of my website belong to her first baby!}
parker is obviously the apple of his mama’s eye.  same for sweet girl ellie. he keeps mama on her toes, no doubt.  it’s fun to watch their similarities and differences, being the same age but different sexes.  fun, and a little scary as i’m new to the wild boy antics myself:)ellie was sweet and calm and kept asking mama, “i hold you??”  melts my heart, remembering the exact same line and voice from my own, now ten year old, baby girl.thanks for letting me into your story.  best of luck to you little lovebirds, whether you choose to pursue each other or not……if not, we can always try again with the next pair in a few months:)

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Sheila - You never cease to amaze me.

Bridgette - likewise

megan - This is “Confessions of a Prop Junkie” worthy! And the two kiddos are pretty cute, too! ;)

Bridgette - :) agreed megan. hot moms too huh?!

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