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happy happy mother’s day to all my fabulous mamas out there!  i considered making a huge entry with my fave image of each of you with your sweet peas, but then i realized it would take foreverrrr.  as much as i wanted to, i just don’t have foreverrrr to spare right now!  lucky for me, i met a very special mama yesterday with an incredible story to share with you instead.  i’ll let her tell it…  

“I had always dreamt of being a mother…everyone that knows me, knows this. Every woman hopes for the “perfect” love story to go along with this…but for me…my love story begins on April 30, 2012, with the birth of my sweet boy Cooper..
The summer of my 40th birthday it hit me…I was getting older and my chances of having a child were getting lower. I was in the military at the time and I knew that it would be difficult to be a single mother with the risk of deploying. I started to explore my options with in vitro fertilization. This is when I made my first of many visits to see Dr. Scheiber at the Institute for Reproductive Health.  Starting in 2007, i returned every year to see Dr. Scheiber never committing…and finally in January 2011, after being retired from the military and only having one career to focus on, I made the decision to follow my dream in hopes of becoming a mother. At the age of 43, and given a very very low chance of success, the roller coaster ride began. After choosing an anonymous donor, I started on “the plan” for me…I had told the Dr’s I would try 3 times…and then explore other options. After 2 unsuccessful attempts and a lot of sadness, I began my 3rd and final round…shots and more shots, acupuncture, meds…Dr. Scheiber went all out on my 3rd attempt and added a new drug. My body felt different this time. Who knows, maybe it was in my head just hoping this time would be successful knowing it was my last, but my body was more sensitive to the shots and acupuncture. On August 9, 2011, I had my egg retrieval…and those eggs made 3 good embryos…and on August 11, 2011, one day after my 44th birthday, those embryos were transferred back into me…and the 2 week wait began. Those 2 weeks waiting for a pregnancy test were the longest 2 weeks of my life. The waiting and disappointment of the previous times weighed heavy on my mind but I did my best to stay positive…and prayed. 

I’ll never forget this day…August 25, 2011, around 3 in the afternoon…my phone rang. So many emotions going through my head…scared to answer but anxious to know…I said hello. It was one of the nurses. She asked how I was and then she gave me the best news of my life…I WAS PREGNANT!! My dream, this miracle, my miracle, had come true. At 44, against so many odds, I was going to have a baby and become a Mama!:) And as you saw from the beginning, my little angel was born on April 30th. I was blessed with the greatest gift from God…and I am forever grateful. 
A BIG thank you to the Doctors and Nurses at the Institute for Reproductive Health…especially Dr. Scheiber and Dr. Awadalla and Nurse Heather and Carmen…my heroes!”

i have to say, one of the greatest parts of my job is watching new mamas completely smitten with their babies.  karen kept telling cooper that he is the love of her life, and her smile and eyes showed how true it this is her happy little family!  karen, cooper, and cooper’s fur siblings, charlie & ms. sunshine america.  congratulations karen on a dream come true.i know this last one of him is focused in a weird place but when i saw it i couldn’t help but wonder if this is similar to his view of the world right now.  when our new wonders are fresh and just learning everything around them, trying to put a face to the voice they have heard for months, working their little eyes and mouths and lungs with such effort… it’s just a magical time.  grateful i get to record the fleeting moments for mama’s to remember later.thank you karen, for your sacrifices and service in the military.  i’d like to join a lot of women in welcoming you to your first mother’s day, and the start of your happily ever after.  

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Nicole - Bridgette! These are awesome and of course the story made me cry! Congrats to her and her new family, and once again, great job Bridgette :)

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