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boy oh boy…ohboyohboyohboy {{ cincinnati dayton family child boy photography }}

i kinda felt bad that there was so much girly awesomeness on the blog, because boys are just as precious.  and i kinda felt bad that it took me, oh just under a year to get to posting this session, because jill’s boys are so handsome and fun and share worthy.  but, in my defense, i was really busy getting ready to have a baby when we shot these.

do you forgive me jill?  it takes me almost as long to blog as it takes you to return texts!  :)  see what i did there, shifting the guilt to you?  i can’t imagine that you have your hands full or anything…

presenting the giles 5.  count em, five.  boys.  ”five boys?!” {i’m guessing that’s the raised eyebrow rhetorical question jill hears, oh}if you are wondering how to get 5 boys to sit still for pictures, the answer is:  you don’t.  :)  but if you really want to try these things are helpful

a} one island they can’t escape from

b} one very hilarious mama

c} one dramatic dance to a sir mix a lot song that will remain unnamed.  is there more than one sir mix a lot song??

am i the only one impressed by the variety in this gang?  they have a blonde, a straight haired, a curly…  for having one boy after another, they aren’t lacking in uniqueness.  how fun.and this is baby Davis Giles.  i like to think she named him after me.  technically she didn’t know i existed until after he was born… but even if she had, there’s a chance that even considering all my flaws she may not have crossed that off her list and still named him Davis because it’s such a great name.  that’s pretty much the same thing.   handsome brood of young men you have there jill.  thanks for sharing them, and for your expertise.  i’ve put you at the top of my list to call in case of boy emergencies around here.   it’s all new to me, but i have a hunch that anything Bronx can cook up to raise my blood pressure will be old hat to you.  looking forward to our next session, and seeing how much my namesake has grown:)

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Kristen - Ummm….the picture of all 5 just made me want to have 5 boys. so stinkin’ cute!

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