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“little girls, like butterflies, need no excuse” {{ cincinnati dayton mother daughter photographer }}

i suppose this would make the sweetest of mother’s day posts, but alas that’s much too long to wait.  i have to share these warm fuzzies now:)

gina lost her own mama before she was a grown woman.  she has two very handsome boys, and now this beautiful little girl that she prayed so hard for.  i can only imagine that as she wished and hoped and prayed for a baby girl and her own sweet mother-daughter moments, her dreams may have looked something like this… a field, warm morning sun and the sweetest game of dress up that has ever come to beshe was so kind as to indulge my Anthropologie obsession:)just as my own Brooklynne says, when swindling her way into a large chocolate bar or an extra hour before bed, “No one can resist the puppy dog eyes.”  seems ayla has found her own spellbinding look:) very puss-in-boots my dear!happy 2nd birthday sweet ayla J.  and many more…

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Clare - Absolutely beautiful pictures, oh my, just so gorgeous. Gina will cherish these forever! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

julie - These are great!!!!

Ashley Embleton - AMAZING pictures! I love this look!!! Could it be recreated in Ashley-Ainsley, first birthday picture style!?!?

Bridgette - Absolutely! Let’s do it :)

Dimensions and Colors in Life - I wish I could have my little girl photoed by you someday. It’s just that I’m too far away from you. (crying ~~T.T)

Sarah - Wow gorgeous work! You are so gifted <3 !!

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