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Hadley and her peeps {{ cincinnati dayton easter photography }}

“i want to be the kind of mom you are”

it came out of nowhere and

i’m quite confident that i’ve never received a higher compliment.

of course i have to push back and tell you that i was letting my kids have cereal for dinner as i received that text.  but then maybe that illustrates her point?  i’m not sure what kind of mom heather thinks i am, but i can tell you what i think.  i’m quite imperfect, and light years from the organized mother of the year type.  not what i would consider a role model, which by the way feels like a lot of pressure and undeserved admiration.  but it did make me stop and think.  the things that impress me most when i watch heather with hadley, are the things that i do purposefully strive to be as a mom.

i try to let my girls get messy and enjoy the smiles that come from eating half a pack of peeps in a white dress before a proper lunch.

i try to do lots of fun new things and make memories and take lots of pictures so that they and i have a hope of actually remembering them in spite of our pathetic short and long term memories.

i try to teach them to give love, and just as importantly, to receive love.

i try to be sarcastic with them because frankly, a child with a sense of humor is just so much cooler than a child without.

i try to remind them that there’s nothing they can ever do to make me stop loving them.

and, i try to remind myself not to sweat the small stuff, and that it’s all teeny tiny stuff.

{{both of those last two i learned as a child from my own amazing mama by the way}}

heather is the taller of the two gorgeous blondes you see below, and apparently, one of my biggest fans.  i hope she knows that the feeling is mutual.

at her age, a first time mom could easily fall prey to the judgment of other mamas, or worse, join them.  how dare someone choose luvs over pampers or let a child that walks have a binky?but heather seems to realize already that her energy is better spent trying to steal kisses from the amazing independent woman she is molding.and instead of wishing Hadley would hurry up and hit the next milestone on a baby tracker calendar, Heather seems to actually grasp the reality that people always warn you of {even when long teething nights make hard it believe}.  they grow up so fast!  you will blink and she will be driving to the prom.we set our priorities and values and have bold confidence that we are doing the best we know how by our babies.  and then we respect that everyone else is doing the exact same thing, even when it looks different.Heather, i just want to thank you for encouraging me, and tell you

i’m so proud of you.  i want to be the kind of mama you are.

you are an amazing mother and i hope we continue to have each other to lean on as we grow these little new and improved 2.0 versions of ourselves.
and by the way, if you are a mama reading this, you should know,

you are doing it right. and you are doing a darn fine job of it

even {maybe especially} if it looks different than us.

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julie - Beautifully said and beautifully done. What amazing pictures!!!!

bridgette's mama - ok you made me cry :) thanks for recognizing me and all the other moms out there who love their babies just as fiercly as we do and parent imperfectly on ; realizing that making memories is rarely picture perfect & by thinking for yourself instead of following every ‘traditional’ wisdom, you model for your children one of life’s most important skills!… i love you and your gift for making all our memory pictures perfect!

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