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emerging from winter hibernation…

call it hibernation if you want… the way Ohio is trying to tease us with a sneak of spring would make the timing seem that way anyhow.  really, i’ve been on a self prescribed sabbatical.  the last time you heard from me, my passion for photography had snowballed to the point of near insanity, taking every free moment i had.  in november, i looked back at my hundreds of shoots and 1000s of images and realized that my personal folders were thin and few and far between.  i worked so much, that i didn’t even grab my camera when i squeezed personal events into the calendar.  the girl who always had the camera at the party couldn’t muster the strength to add that nikon bag to her purse shoulder.  and worst of all, i didn’t document the growth of my girls in 2009 with the diligence, creativity, and excitement that i hope becomes my legacy to them.  if i wasn’t able to document it, maybe it wasn’t even there day to day. maybe i wasn’t being the vibrant mommy my girls know and deserve.  they are the reason i bought my camera in the first place.  so when they say with a mix of innocence and inherited sass ”you have to go to another photo shoot?  can’t you ever take a day off?  why do you love photo shoots more than anything?”  there’s also an unmistakable hint of disappointment…  the kind that offends and jolts you at first, and then echoes in your head and cuts you deep. 

so, i put it all on pause.  ALL paid work.  and to be honest, after Christmas i think i managed to leave my camera alone so long that when the time came to shoot again, i actually had to find it.  i left my camera untouched long enough to misplace it{?} {!}  i’m not sure how many people will understand the power and surprise of that but some of you will for sure  {i’m talking to you- blog readers with raised eyebrows}


so now that my personal life is raw and open for all to see, i hope you take it for what it is.  i trust my transparency will connect us a little more.  and hopefully, it will buy me some forgiveness from those of you that were ignored in the absence.  for a while i maintained a call back list, and some of you received an email letting you know the following news.  i’ve decided to get back in the game, but for the best interest of all parties involved, it will be on a limited basis:)  i’m accepting select projects, and my availability will be when my girls are in school.  however BDphotography evolves in light of this is exactly what is meant to be.  maybe you’ll see alot more newborns…  or maybe i continue to have rockin seniors that skip class to melt my lens!  whatever the case, i’m excited to see where we go from here.  and without further ado… the fabulous miniBDs that hold my heart and hang the moon{}      -1my Bitty doll is six now.  babies shouldn’t be six.-2-6-5-4-3-1-2this final pic pretty much sums up the next phase of {BD}…   DSC_1360e

…praying for balance and taking the leap! 

i’d love it if you’d join me {xOxO}  Bridgette*

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sarah - love these pictures bridgette! your girls are gorgeous and i love seeing their sweet personalities

Erika - I want BD Photography! Your girls are amazing as is the way you capture them! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

SHeila Castle - Bridgette..You are sooo stinkin talented and I am always so anxious to see what you do next!! Praying you find balance:)

Still SisnamedJen (I hope) - I love you and my nieces;)

Melissa - So proud of you girl!!!! I love your new pics!!!

mommy - i am so overwhelmed by the beauty of all 3 of you! you write so beautifully & when your camera catches their little moments ,i see you ,i see me, i see a bright future of limitless possibilities! so glad you’re back I love you always!

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