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my pot of gold {{ cincinnati dayton child photography }}

my yearly sessions with the girls usually give me a push to try a theme.  i really racked my brain for this one.  then hours of searching the internet for inspiration left me with a big melting pot of mess.  i could do rainbow…rainbow brite…rainbow brite on the moon…rainbow brite on the moon, but vintage and bokeh.  omg.  it was like stubbing my toe and then WebMD convincing me that i have Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, which will tragically be misdiagnosed as gaut. 

enough google and pinterest.  i loaded up the car with every color of the rainbow i could collect from a mad dash around the house and picked up my baby girl while memaw stole the other two away for ice cream.  brook what do you want to do for your photoshoot?


“how ’bout a kite?  mama can i please get a kite?”


a) i’m an idiot. she’s a genius

b) she gets what she wants when she calls me mama. and she knows this



turned out we pretty much burned up all our daylight and unseasonably gorgeous weather that january day, running thru target and pushing past sleds and snow shovels to find a kite.  {“a kite??  i’m not sure we have those out yet, but you could try G16″} 

as we left the store the sky turned grey and the wind went crazy.  we decided to have a “kite date today and photoshoot tmrw”.  we ran and froze and laughed and felt pretty much like kite professionals {is there such a thing?}.  it was probably our first date alone since bubba changed her from little sister to big sister 6 months ago.  she was genuinely filled with joy and gratitude that i was playing with her and had spent $8 on the most incredible kite in the world.  it was priceless. 

as we walked back to the car out of breath i said “wow, turned out to be perfect wind for a kite bitty”

and she says “i know right?!” {which is my favorite of all things she says these days,except what followed…} ”perfect wind, perfect kite, perfect date, perfect mama”.   -6the next day came with some surprising warmth and sunshine again-2-2my funny girl insisted that since her feet could fit in my heels she should wear them, just like she believes that all my short homecoming and cocktail dresses are made to be ball gowns just her size:)-15-1-2she kinda has the biggest most expressive eyes ever.  they are gorgeous and sure to get her in and out of a lot of trouble.-3-1she made a masterpiece and signed it in “check” {self taught cursive, just like you use to sign your checks}-7and then she wrote me this note.  “thank you for what bitty?”-8“for doin’ my pitchurs!”  wow… this session was like pulling teeth.  what a difference a year makes-9-3-2-10she painted her own toes,-11admired her handiwork,-4-2and negotiated a little craft services from the prop department-13-12-5-2-6-2

my sweet tooth, rainbow sunshine girl.

“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” -James M Barrie

indeed.  happy 8th birthday Solana.   {XOXO mama}

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Kristen Menhart - OMG! How I love this post! Not sure what I love more…your adorable kids, your amazing words, or your awesome photography. I hope my girl loves me & thinks I’m as cool as your girls do when she’s a “big” girl.

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