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best decade of my life {{ cincinnati tween photographer dayton }}

i was going to post brooklynne’s birthday pics from last month…and then i realized i had yet to post briella’s birthday pics from last summer.  then i realized that it’s because i’ve been busy with a newborn…who will actually be celebrating his 1/2 birthday this weekend.  and if briella is nine, that means i’ve been married for ten years.  a decade?  all signs point to me officially being a grown up.  when did that happen?

anyway…on to documenting and celebrating briella soleil, our first sunshine girl.


as you can see, she’s 3 parts legs-for-days


and 2 parts blue eyes.


she is laugh attacks at the dinner table, biting her sleepy grouchy tongue all morning before school and begging to hold her brother first when she gets home.


her aspiration in life is to be an artist, or an art teacher.  she’s been begging to splatter paint all over her bedroom walls.  the boring practical adult that’s apparently snuck up inside me cringed, but the 9 year old in myself remembered really really wanting to do the same thing at that age.  i decided that a trash the flower girl dress session was in order:) 

-1-2-3every year on their birthdays they get a canvas to paint with their age.  she decided to go at that while the air was warm and the sun was bright, creating yet another priceless masterpiece to spruce up her unsplattered hot pink bedroom walls.-4-1-2really not a girly girl anyway, this part was pure bliss for her.  the only downside would be the shower she would have to take in the end.  the child loathes showers.-2-2-5-4-2brown berry.  she came out darker than all of us and continues to be no matter the season.  she tans 3 shades walking from the house to the car.  it’s daddy’s native american blood.  she looks like me, and brian says she acts like me {at the most frustrating times, when i’m lamenting about her pre-tween hormones}, but don’t be fooled, she is allllll daddy’s girl.-6-5-2

but i try:)  i woo her away with mommy daughter dates, she’s brave and tries sushi with me when no one else will, and she massaged me to sleep almost every night during my pregnancy!  she’s a center-part low ponytail basketball playing girl most days, but she has a drive and sense of adventure that i can always count on when i want a sidekick to do something crazy with.  i’m immensely proud of her being a quiet leader among her peers and a protective responsible big sister when no one is looking. 

-7mama loves you ella, ella, a-a.  just as much as daddy does, and even as much as you love him:) 

happy 9th birthday

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SisnamedJen - Love her like she was one of mine.

Nicole - I love these! Your daughters are beautiful :)

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