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so i did Hailey’s newborn pics last year.  this image is from that shoot and has been marked as a favorite by more people than any other image i’ve done since.  so Hailey, your feet are adored by many:) -2-2look how big she is now!-1

-2-1-2she did so well in her big girl session.  what now?  hmmmmm….-3i say we take her for a treat!-4rock candy sounded like a great plan but we all underestimated how “melty” it would be.  Hailey didn’t seem to mind, but whoever came up with “it’s like taking candy from a baby” really underestimated something too:)-5and just a note, i’m a big sucker for hats.  if you bring a hat to your session, you can count on it making the blog.  i love this one!-6

it’s so exciting to see my newborns grow into their own personalities.  i’m thankful to be part of their story, honored to be chosen as the one to record it, and grateful that they remind me to appreciate the daunting everyday parts of being a mommy because my own babies are growing up just as quickly.  thanks for sharing Hailey with me!

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Katherine - They turned out so good! Thank you! I can’t wait to see the rest!

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