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and a baby for the beattys… {{ cincinnati dayton adoption portfolio photographer beloved movement photographer }}

do you recognize this face? 

-1  it’s been a while…  she was busy kicking breast cancer’s @$$.  here’s her last post on the blog.

-1-2and the next chapter in her journey, which i’m honored to document, is adoption.  with all that cancer business behind her, she and tim are ready to start their family, and adoption is the road.  we got to hang out a bit, and it was so cool to see their excitement about everything in their world these days… adoption classes, creating a portfolio, home visits… the whole process is a bit overwhelming just to hear about.  for sure, they will be formally prepared for the baby they will some day call their own… much more so than many of us who have planned or unplanned babies. 


she is the short quirky, spunky, artsy jelly to his tall methodical, electrical engineering peanut butter.


of all the things cancer taught them, it seems obvious it must have given them an appreciation for carpe diem and finding humor wherever you can.  for sure they know how to laugh at me-8

and each other-3and themselves.-4-9-5and i’m sure, while most of us take such things for granted, they learned to admire each other’s uniqueness so much…-6“Bridget, tell Tim ‘i hope our baby learns to have your….”-3-2“and Tim, ‘Bridget, I hope our baby learns to have your…”-4-2-2

i don’t know what was whispered after the “…”.  that’s for them:

to be reminded that before everything, there was the new immature love they had for each other.

 and since everything, there is the strong mature love they have grown thru’ their struggles and time together. 

what i do know is that they are waiting, planning, hoping and praying for a baby.  if you or someone you know is pregnant and considering adoption, perhaps the Beattys would be the right match.  a little girl with a B name or a little boy with a T name will soon change Bridget & Tim to Mommy & Daddy.  I cannot wait to share that chapter with you all!

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Bridget Beatty - Bridgette you are amazing and I truly thank God that you are a part of my life!! Thanks for the continued support!!

Angie Siebenshuh - Bridget! I haven’t seen you in 10 years or more! My dad (Dave) told me that you had cancer and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. I miss the summers that I would come over and swim in your pool and share your love with Winnie the Pooh. Please get in contact with me! I have so much I want to tell you.

Karen Siebenshuh - i have been keeping up with you through Dave. We are divorced but still civil to one another. lol I was looking for you on facebook for a while. Angie found you on a mutual friends page, so is the life of facebook!!!!!! I would love to hear from you!!!!!!

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